Z-shaped aluminum foil as small pagoda for outdoor ds18s20?



I ran into a forum post recently that mentioned using a small Z-shaped piece of aluminum (or was it tin?) foil as a radiation shield for an
outdoor ds18s20. My outdoor ds18s20 is not as much in the shade as I thought (it isn't for ~2-3 hrs a day and I can see it really heats up) and unfortunately
where I placed it (extending from my balcony in a Wiremold Corduct painted to match the building decor) I am going to have a hard time putting a pagoda (which seems like
it'd be at least half a foot) around it without violating my condo ownership codes about not having "ugly" things (like antennas) on the balcony and certainly extending from the balcony. In any case, I'd like to make the z-shaped tin? foil thing but am not really sure exactly how the sensor is positioned within this Z-shaped foil or the best way (material) to make it? I'm open to other suggestions too.

Thanks a lot for your help
interesting idea. I have some leftover radiant heat barrier from when I insulated the water heater. My radiant barrier has insulation (bubble-wrap) between layers of radiant barrier. I believe the insulation is important to effectiveness