Z-Wave at the International Builders Show


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Last year, I went to IBS, and there weren't many Z-Wave products at the show. I *may* have seen a few from ACT there.

While I'm not there this year, I hear that there are a bunch of devices being shown off at the manufacturers' booths.

Here's the "short list" that I have confirmed:
* Cooper Wiring Devices ASPIRE RF (new)
* Intermatic Home Settings Pro
* Leviton VIZIA RF
* Techniku (window coverings)
* Wayne Dalton (homelink bridge)

If you haven't seen the Cooper devices, they look just like the standard designer ASPIRE RF devices. I hear that they have a dimmer, on/off switch, and duplex receptacle on display.

Is anyone at IBS? I'd love to see photos of all the various devices/booths.

Went out to the Cooper Wiring Devices website and looked at the Aspire line of products. They are very nice looking, although I wish there was more explanation about which items were RF capable.

Extremely excited to see these come to market

As I understand it, Cooper has a dimmer (600W? 1000W?), a relay switch, and a duplex receptacle with Z-Wave built in.