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OmniPro II randomly doing SYSTEM RESETs - help

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Posted 05 December 2018 - 04:30 PM

I have OmniPro II controller running 4.0b firmware; with 2 additional 16-zone expansion boards; 4 Omnistat2 RC1000WH thermostats, one keypad.


Brand new home installation 3 years ago; worked perfectly for 3 years until 2 weeks ago. 


I've noticed multiple entries in the SYSTEM LOG with "SYSTEM RESET" messages.  Sometimes many in a row, over several minutes. 


But the OmniPro II controller was still working, and I could connect to it via iPhone app (both Haiku and SnapLink apps) and control outputs and flags etc.   The automation scripts would run as normal.


Now as of yesterday, again after a flurry of SYSTEM RESET messages in the LOG, the automation scripts are no longer being executed as expected.


I did a complete restart (unplug AC transformer and disconnect 12VDC battery backup for 10 minutes).  Plug power back in, and connected to controller as usual via Ethernet using PC Access program on Windows laptop;  all seems ok; system status = "System ok".


But automation scripts refuse to execute anymore.  Yet they all are still there per PC Access program.


iPhone apps connect as expected and I still can control things and settings as normal. 


But I need my automation scripts to run!


What should I do next to FIX this issue?


THANK YOU for helping me.



Houston-area, TX


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Posted 05 December 2018 - 04:58 PM

Hello.  Its possible you might have a logic problem in your program, and until some combination of inputs occurs, it runs fine.  Start top to bottom and look for anything that might cause a loop or unstable variable.  If all seems OK, make a backup of your scripts in PC Access, then delete them. Add the first few back manually and see if they are working. If all is working for a few days, reload it all back and see if it keeps working.  If you don't have a hardware problem, which is not very likely, I would say 98% its a programming loop.  Really watch where many lines of code set and act on the same variable or switch. Like maybe if x is on it turns on y, and if y is on it turns on x.

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