Bottom of a 50" CV can

Bottom of a 50" CV can

Dang - typed a long post, and lost it, taking a closer look at the 66 blocks again. ;)

Thanks for the pic, Dan. I figured out I'll have to position the switch at the top or bottom of my one can, if I want to use wire channel along the sides. I'll try to pick up some cheap, locally.

I won't ask about the CV distribution modules, or the 66 blocks, as my phone and coax distribution 'revisions' will be a good year down the road.

Hope you can get some updated pics of the Elk can soon - I'm putting together a shopping list myself.
I splurged and bought the 2" CV extension ring, and a hinged adapter plate.

I'll try mounting the modem and router on the hinged plate, overlying the switch. I won't be accessing the switch often, so repeated motion of the cables shouldn't be a big issue.

I'll have to partially amputate the router's legs, but I'm confident the patient will pull through.

I'll likely use some industrial velcro for the router and modem, but do you know of any adapter plate options that use straps?

I think I saw an Omni module mounted with some kind of strap across the front, somewhere.
Not sure about that one, but you could check with AO, they have tons of experience with these cans.
might have been this Leviton shelf

or this Greyfox/OnQ bracket

I'll just use foam tape, until I'm sure of the layout.
I used the foam tape that came with my Elk M1 (or one of its accessories), it's pretty heavy duty, works really well. In the past, I have also taken some components apart, and attached the housing/case to a blank plate, then put it back together. Lots of options for sure.

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