Old photo of when I first started setting everything up in the new cans.
What brand of enclosures is that, Dan? They look like the 50" CV.

Is that black stand-off plate required for the M1G controller, for use with that can?

I know I've read it before, but what wire management system is that, within the enclosures? Is a cover available?

Running wires from can to can via a side knockout?

Any more pics you care to share? It looks very organized!
Those are indeed CV 50" cans, good eye ;)

The black plate is the HAI Omni Universal Mounting Plate.

I use 1"x1" wire ducting from It does come with a cover, I just haven't had any time to finish it, so I never put them on. The CV cans do have side knockouts, so I drilled holes through the studs (it's not a load bearing wall) to connect the panels.
I have a good eye, but not for enclosures - I think I read somewhere that you used the 50" CV. :p

Is a 'universal' stand-off plate required for the M1G, for use in the CV enclosure? Or do you use it for wire management, or for esthetics?

Any updated pics? Don't worry about tidying up - 'in progress' is more realistic, and I can see where the wires/cables run that way.

I complement you on the 6" studs, because I'm comfortable with my masculinity. ;)

Edit - I say 'updated' because it's labeled 'old photo', not because it was posted 12/08.
;) I am pretty sure those are 8" :p

The backplate isn't required, if you don't mind drilling into the can itself. I wanted to keep things neat, so I went with that solution.

I'll try to post more pics soon.
Where did you get the standoffs for the finger channel?

Pics of the outlets, at the bottom of the cans?

What's attached to those Elk serial expansion boards now?
The standoffs are small piece of a large diameter wooden dowel (was in a hurry). I currently have a UPB PIM, W800RF32 and Ocelot attached to the expanders. 4th one was for a thermostat, but gave up on that idea for now.
I've been thinking about the layout of my enclosure, trying to decide where everything will be located.

I like the clean look of the wiring duct, promoting an organized appearance.

I noticed that your wiring duct is mounted to the side walls of the enclosure. Is that because it won't fit on the back wall, alongside that control adapter plate?

I've noticed that Panduit wiring duct is an order of magnitude more expensive than 'economical' duct, when the price of the cover is factored in. Is that Panduit brand duct, Dan? Is it PVC, or other plastic?

Link to 'economical' duct at
There isn't enough room to mount it on the back wall, plus it has other benefits a well. I am using conduit from, very cheap.
I looked for half an hour at this morning, for that product. I knew I'd seen it there before, when I saw your previous link, but I was stumped.

After your repost of the link, I looked harder - and of course found it, under 'wiring solutions'.

Thanks again, Dan. Your help is greatly appreciated.

Edit - I wonder how I could get the 1" channel to fit on each side of the M1 control mounting plate, mounted on the back will take cunning....

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