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    ISY not found

    Try clearing your JAVA cache, and try this wiki link for help with installing the admin console. It includes the ISY launcher .jnlp file.
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    Software and PDF Repository

    Best you can do is crawl the site and have it discover the .exe files that way. Only found 1 installer so far.
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    Software and PDF Repository

    I've reached out to them again via the contact form. Can their software/tools be downloaded by anyone, or is it behind a dealer login? I wish they published checksums to prove integrity of these files.
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    Keep in mind that measuring 12VDC doesn't mean the power supply is good. I've had plenty which report fine, it's once you put a load on them that devices started acting sketchy. If you have another power source, give that a shot. Are you still using the secure port, or did you switch it? If...
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    ISY994i - need fresh install

    I'm a big fan of rebuilding once in a while, a great opportunity to implement lessons learned, optimize workflows and remove the crud. Not too familiar with the ISY, but I'd recommend you export/backup as much as you can, take screenshots of rules/configurations, it may come in handy when...
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    Flirc Skip 1s Universal Remote (KickStarter)

    Not a fan of backing Kickstarter projects, but the Skip 1s universal remote looks interesting and affordable. Created by Flirc who have been around for a while: The founder is also doing an AMA in...
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    Software and PDF Repository

    Leviton approval is all that's stopping me from hosting these files, but as Pete said, they aren't responding (I've reached out to my contacts as well). If anyone reading this post has a live contact, please let them know.
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    Looking to purchase ELK M1XEP

    Vendor forums do show in new posts (it's how I found both your posts). Are you just looking for IP connectivity to the serial port, or the built in monitoring features?
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    Looking to buy an M1XEP

    Since this is a duplicate thread, I'm going to lock this one so we can keep responses together. Other thread can be found here.
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    Omni support discontinued

    At this point, everyone should be sending in any defective boards they have laying around, and get them repaired. Can probably resell them for a tiny bit of profit, or hold on if you plan on sticking with the HAI platform. I guess we knew this day was coming. Would it be possible to share the...
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    XFinity new Internet speeds boost

    But they're keeping the data caps the same? Sneaky!
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    Sensitivity of cable modem to nearby wiring?

    Can you get to ? That's the default IP on Spectrum modems. Depending on the model, it's either available without authentication, or auth info may be found on a sticker somewhere on that modem (check bottom).
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    Best *Low Power* home alarm system?

    Depending on your requirements, 1 or more ESP32s may perform the job, and support very low power modes (just need to make sure you get the right version)...
  14. electron X10 modules

    I wasn't aware there were that many variations of the basic appliance modules. All I have/had were the powerhouse modules in the blue cloudy boxes. Is this just rebadged hardware, or is the implementation different as well?
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    From the ELK M1 integration setup: The address string must be in the form 'address[:port]' for 'secure' and 'non-secure'. Example: ''. The port is optional and defaults to 2101 for 'non-secure' and 2601 for 'secure'. For the serial protocol, the address must be in the form...