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    Small network node without SD corruption issue of raspberry pi?

    I've used these mini PC's for a variety of things over the years... when I've had SD Card corruption, it was generally due to excessive log-file writing that was tearing up the cards.  The solution was to write the logs to a RAM Drive and only sync them to the SD card like once a day with a...
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    Anyone want to "Sell" their apple id with haiku

    It's tricky trying to sell a home with automation - especially when there are consumer devices in the mix.  Luckily when I sold mine, Elk EK+ was still available... I just paid the $50 and gifted the app to the buyers.  They wanted me to leave an iPad too but I didn't want to deal with the mess...
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    Connecting x10 switch transmitter to wifi?

    It sounds like it's time to bite the bullet and start upgrading.  The fact that your wall switch is wired in means it's sending powerline signals, not RF, which means many of the converters mentioned above are probably not applicable.  Leviton has wifi switches and they have a very similar...
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    IP Camera Options?

    BlueIris can record ubiquiti (or at least last time I tried) despite not being ONVIF; however I find the Ubiquiti cameras too expensive.  I actually like the Lorex and the Hikvision cameras, and have found the Amcrest ones to be a good value as well.  I would never get into Ubiquiti's closed...
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    Any issues with two power sources?

    Hope I'm not too late here... haven't been around in a while. 1) For LAN, definitely use Fiber.  Your typical relatively-short distance solution would be multimode fiber, and your existing switches usually use mini-gbics so you buy the gbic that fits your need - in this case a gigabit multimode...
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    Son Moved to Apt (For school) Need Wireless Network Help/Advice

    Hi BSR - I may be late to the game here, but I've been through this exact scenario many times.  I equipped an apartment complex with wifi that they provided to residents - but once in a while people would wish to connect multiple devices (like wifi printers, streaming devices, etc) and have them...
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    What happened to UPB!?!?

    Check for UPB - They've been around forever - I've been using them since around 2000.  I heard not too long ago that the main guy at Simply Automated died and another family member took over and moved the company to Arizona - so there was some changing in staff and problems...
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    Driveway Sensor

    I have a 200' driveway and dogs that like to eat unapproved visitors.  I installed this last year - a Guardline Driveway Sensor - by itself, it's pretty dumb, but the receiver had outputs for contact closure and 12V output.     For my purposes, I didn't really have anything existing to tie into...
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    M1XEP direct monitoring

    Can't you add an XSP so you have a second serial port and move the ISY to that, freeing up the main port for the XEP?
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    direct burial network cable - should I get gel filled?

    I'd 100% agree on the fiber if you're doing ethernet - plenty of switches have fiber GBICs available even.  If that's not feasible, then I'd just pick up a box of Ubiquiti ToughCable.  I've used it on plenty of tower installs, between buildings, etc.  L2 if it's truly exposed; L1 if it'll be in...
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    Elk M1 covering detached workshop

    Personally, I'd create the garage as a second area and I'd run one leg of the databus out to the garage (not using a M1DBH because that doubles the length of the run - do a true run) and put an XIN and a separate power supply in the garage with supervision.  I'd use shielded cable and I'd use a...
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    No-IP Dynamic DNS service

    A lot of router manufacturers are offering the service free these days.  Sometimes they're not the easiest names or not customizable - so I take advantage of a custom domain for that - (example) then has a c-name that goes to - makes it easy to...
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    May have to throw Elk-M1 away. Consider before purchase.

    Yeah I still really like the Elk, but in California, I tried to find an Elk installer to help, and just couldn't find anyone who actually installed them.  I don't know who their pros are, but there must not be many in the world.  One of them told me "If I tried to quote an Elk for someone...
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    What happened to UPB!?!?

    I too remember that but I only found a few appliance modules.  Too bad about Fry's though - I haven't been to one in about 3 years since I moved to Colorado Springs.  Their employees weren't that helpful, but at least they had a great selection.   I have a bunch of UPB parts laying around - I'll...
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    "The Smart Home is Dead"

    wkearney99 - It says a lot about a man who thinks he has the only valid opinion and then tries to put down others who he doesn't agree with.  For as long as I can remember you coming around these parts, that's been your style.   There's certainly no propaganda machine influencing my thoughts -...