HomeSeer HS-FS100-L Z-Wave Dual Sensor & Buzzer

Review HomeSeer HS-FS100-L Z-Wave Dual Sensor & Buzzer

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Want to turn your regular 'dumb' appliances into smart ones? HS-FS100-L is a Z-Wave light sensor that's designed to report back to your smart home hub when indicator lights turn on, turn off or change color. Use to monitor dehumidifiers, water...
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USD $9.75
The Good
Very unique and affordable Z-Wave sensor which can run on battery
The Bad
Slightly battery hungry, but expected for this type of functionality
This device lets you monitor the status of a appliance by watching the LED status light on said appliance. This approach allows you to avoid having to modify your expensive/in-warranty appliance.

Up until the availability of this device, most of us have to use a wired/powered-by-mains device, such as an Ocelot/ESP32/Alarm panel, to monitor appliances via the status light. But this means you need to be able to run wire and/or power to this appliance, which isn't always feasible.

The HS-FS100-L sensor can run on battery or via micro-USB, which also turns it into a repeater.

Monitor the status of your electric car charging station, washer, or even your electric mousetrap all via Z-Wave.

While the device uses more energy than a typical Z-Wave sensor, I'm still getting a couple of months of runtime, and thanks to the 3 AA batteries, you can usually find replacement batteries in your house somewhere. Just make sure you monitor the battery status, or use the USB interface for power, which makes this point moot.

Due to the uniqueness of this product, and how well it has worked for me, I'm still giving it 5 stars. In fact, I stocked up on a few spares at this price, just in case they get discontinued.