1. electron

    Everything Presence Lite Kit - $35 USD

    Not sure if anyone has played with the original EP1 sensor, but cost was an issue for many. They just announced a 'Lite' version of this sensor, which is still a pretty impressive package, for a much lower price. I'm sure the backlog will be significant since the original sensor was almost...
  2. CT Droid

    Review HomeSeer HS-FS100-L Z-Wave Dual Sensor & Buzzer

    Want to turn your regular 'dumb' appliances into smart ones? HS-FS100-L is a Z-Wave light sensor that's designed to report back to your smart home hub when indicator lights turn on, turn off or change color. Use to monitor dehumidifiers, water softeners, washers, dryers and much more! HS-FS100-L...
  3. CT Droid

    Review Everything Smart Technology EP1 Presence Sensor

    24GHz mmWave Sensor detects the smallest movements for accurate and reliable presence detection with an 8m detection zone - added through dedicated header pins. Detection angle is 100 Powerful Panasonic Industrial PIR motion sensor provides lightning fast, immediate response to larger movements...
  4. pete_c

    Pete's Blog Tasmota AS3935 Franklin Lightning sensor

    Built one using an RPi a few years back. Works fine today. How to use a AS3935 Lightning sensor with a Raspberry Pi Reference: AS3935 Franklin Lightning sensor Tasmota view: and in MQTT topic when an Event occurs...
  5. H

    GRI2600 in a series on an Elk M1

    Hey guys, been a while! I have moved to the Elk M1 Gold for my new to me home. I installed some GRI2600's in some bathrooms I remodeled. I have 2 GRI2600 (NC) in my one bathroom in a series. It seems to work fine 99% of the time. The sensors are wired back to an expansion module connected...
  6. electron

    Super great deal on HomeSeer HS-FS100-L Z-Wave Dual Sensor & Buzzer ($9.75)

    If you're a Z-Wave user, I highly recommend you grab one of these HomeSeer HS-FS100-L Z-Wave Dual Sensor & Buzzer devices. I use a couple of these to monitor the status light on various devices, and it has been very reliable. I usually pay between $30-$40 for these, and I'm not aware of anyone...
  7. S

    Looking to purchase OmniPro II outdoor temperature sensor

    Does anyone out there have (or know where I can get) an OmniPro exterior temp sensor I can purchase? Mine seems to have died after 20+ years. Thanks, Harold
  8. G

    Need help with extended range temp/humidity sensor

    Hi, I'm a new member here. My google searches always bring me to this forum! I have the OMNI LT with an expansion board, have some modules from OnQ, HAI, Honeywell, and others and have the system monitored with Alarm Relay. I just recently replaced an outdoor temp sensor with a temp/humidity...
  9. I

    Dryer exhaust/vent monitor

    I've seen a few products over the last few years that set off an alarm when the dryer vent gets too clogged up, but none of them are "smart home friendly", in that they don't have a way to connect to a HA control. I've also seen some devices that a repairman can use to measure the backpressure...
  10. RogueOne

    Does this work with M1 Gold?

    ELK-319DWM Window door sensor. Thanks
  11. D

    Outdoor temp sensor

    Is there a replacement for these obsolete sensors?
  12. R

    HAI 14A00-8 Water Temp Sensor

    Hey;   I'm hoping to get some help with finding or building a 14A00-8 Water Temp Sensor for my pool.  From the pictures I can find online it seems to be a very basic circuit board with an LM331N which takes the voltage output from the temp sensor and converts it to a frequency. The HAI Knowledge...