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Not sure if anyone has played with the original EP1 sensor, but cost was an issue for many. They just announced a 'Lite' version of this sensor, which is still a pretty impressive package, for a much lower price. I'm sure the backlog will be significant since the original sensor was almost always out of stock, but check out the specs.

  1. Advanced mmWave Sensing: The included LD2450 mmWave sensor boasts an impressive range of 5-6 meters, making it perfect for small to medium sized spaces.
  2. Multi-target Tracking: Track up to 3 different targets simultaneously with near real-time information about distance, approach angle, speed and X & Y co-ordinates!
  3. Dynamic Zones & Analytics: Customize detection zones from Home Assistant, allowing you to detect where a target is located.
  4. Ambient Light Sensing: Equipped with a light sensor to gauge room darkness, making your automation even more responsive to environmental changes.
  5. Bluetooth Proxy for Home Assistant: Extend Home Assistant's Bluetooth range with ESPHome's Bluetooth Proxies!
  6. Powered by ESP32 & ESPHome: Easy integration with Home Assistant.
  7. Versatile Development Board: Compatible with 5+ different mmWave sensors, this is a developer’s playground for sensor testing.
  8. Case included: Encased in a 3D printed white shell with a right-angle braided USB-C cable (included). 3D Printing files will be made available soon.

There are a few of these mmWave sensors on the market now, but the open design, extremely affordable package, and not having to order from AliExpress makes this a winner IMO. S/H was $15 for 2 of these to US.
Pretty cool. I'd be interested in hearing about people trying to use these with pets and also about mounting them to the ceiling in the center of a room. Until then, I'll hold off and continue with my very old PIR sensors.
I'm excited about trying these. I currently use multiple motion sensors to detect proper stairs occupancy (and track movement direction), but this would make it a lot easier. Plan on mounting it high up, will have to run power (probably just an Ethernet jack and use USB/PoE adapter).

Also have another room with 3 motion sensors to track motion, which 1 of these should be able to handle as well.
Been using the EP1 about 6 months. I have 4 of them. I'd say they are not bad but not perfect. They activate Alexa "Welcome to the room" when you enter, and turn off the lights when you leave. They have a cone shaped pattern so if you are too much right or left they won't get you. I've also had instances where it will detect no motion when you are still in the room, but much less so than IR motion detectors. As for dogs, its a mixed bag. So we have a 32 pound dog. And can jump on the bed directly aimed at by one sensor and not be detected, but sometimes she is. Its pretty common for it to switch to no motion with her in the room. So it definitely people better than dogs. So I'd say its great in small spaces like a bathroom, but less so as the area gets bigger. I don't think you can use two in one room but I haven't tried it.
Received the hardware, hoping to try it this weekend. Pretty easy to put together, and STL files are available if you want to print your own case.