1. electron

    Everything Presence Lite Kit - $35 USD

    Not sure if anyone has played with the original EP1 sensor, but cost was an issue for many. They just announced a 'Lite' version of this sensor, which is still a pretty impressive package, for a much lower price. I'm sure the backlog will be significant since the original sensor was almost...
  2. electron

    Arduino introduces Nano ESP32

    Arduino just announced their latest product, the Nano ESP32. There are 2 variants. The standard version for $20, and a variant with headers $21.
  3. pete_c

    Pete's Blog Tasmota AS3935 Franklin Lightning sensor

    Built one using an RPi a few years back. Works fine today. How to use a AS3935 Lightning sensor with a Raspberry Pi Reference: AS3935 Franklin Lightning sensor Tasmota view: and in MQTT topic when an Event occurs...