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Now I just need to find a way of physically disconnecting my electric car via automation, and I would have a perfect use for this dataset.
I have a computer in the car that taps in to the bus and ODB2. I can remote control everything except for driving the automobile. I am the only person that drives the vehicle. Using Python scripts to do this. It is on a network and using a tiny OpenWRT router to an LTE modem.

IE: can open windows, turn lights on, shift, et al via the HU display.
So you could use a 220VAC contactor (like an outdoor AC compressor contactor) and connect that to a low voltage automation switch.
In an ideal world, I was hoping for a contraption which could remove the plug, but several people have tried and it's just not practical. A relay like this may be the next best thing (although I can charge at 40A, so the ELK may be out). Main goal is physical separation to survive surges/brownouts/lightning. I guess the relay approach would at least take care of the surges/brownout concern.
I have no idea how much they are, but they make surge protection devices especially for electric vehicles. Considering that you will have to have some re-wiring done anyway, I would go this route instead of a contactor/relay (IMO). Reason is, the contact relay solution may have that device turning on/off many times during a brown out or failure stage. Of course some smart logic could prevent that, but again...a surge protection device 'seems' to be worry free.