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Outdoor temp sensor


They are available sometimes on Ebay.
A while back here on the forum @tiger was trying to replicate same said devices to connect to the OmniPro line of combo panels.


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Is there a replacement for these obsolete sensors?
There are some alternatives. They require a bit of work but might work for you...
George Risk Industries (GRI) makes a lot of high quality sensors. I have used them for years.
They make fixed temp sensors that trip at a certain preset temp. Since they make 32, 41, 50, 70 and 140 degree versions you can zero in
on a temp range.
They also make an indoor temp sensor that you can change the set point on and looks like a tstat.
None of these will give you the actual temperature at the HAI but they will work for freeze warning...

The Ademco / Honeywell TS300 works as well. It displays the temp at the device and has a variable set point. This has an optional remote temp probe. The probe is easy to find on eBay.
The TS300 is hard to find as well but they made a lot of them. I have tested them on the OmniPro 2 and they work well.

Another possibility is Winland. They make temperature sensors with variable set points. They are still in production and there are a bunch on eBay.
Winland EA-200 EA-400.

You could also consider putting an old HAI RC-80 tstat in an outdoor rated box to keep it dry. This will give you the actual temp at the HAI and let you take action based on specific temps.



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Not sure what your method of data reception looks like but many of us have moved to CAO Wireless Tag sensors.

These sensors
- require a common Tag Manager,
- receive signals from about 700' or more away,
- take one CR2032 battery (some larger units take the 123 now) and last about 8-12 months per battery
- are about 1.25" square x 1/4" thick
- also send Rh, lumens, geographic position, movement on 3 axis,
- send temperatures to 0.001 C, reading accuracy to better than 1%
- cost about $25 to $40 CAD each, Tag Manager about $20???
- can send data in every Ethernet method I have ever heard of, based on many methods of trigger, support email, IFTTT, push notifications, REST URL support
- supported by many mobile apps that can talk to you if desired
- beep & flash to be located if needed.
- temperature range from -40c to +40c
- produce cloud reports, including comparison graphs, etc, etc...
- support Alexa skills to vocally report temperatures, humidity to come...maybe?


Here with to Tasmota firmware with up to 5 1-Wire sensors and Tasmota devices with combo Humidity temperature sensors.

I am still using the HAI Temperature and Humidity sensors (old) to the OmniPro panel. I also have an aux sensor that I have used for the OmniStat2 which works fine.

The 1-Wire sensors are more accurate. I have them in the attic, 2nd floor, bathrooms, main floor, basement, garage and outside.

Its been a couple of years now and they are doing fine.


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I am interested to know if there are any options available to use different water temperature sensors with HAI Omni Pro II. I would like to use DS18B20 sensors. Please advise. Thank you


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The OmniPro II doesn't know how to communicate with the DS18B20. You would have to to figure out how to interface it, Not trivial.
If you want it to communicate with the OmniProII, I 'd suggest you leave a message for Nick Robinson. @RobinsonNi
I have reverse engineered the Water Temp Sensor 14A00-8, it can also be used as an air temp sensor as well. I simply just solder the temp sensor to the board. I have also made my own version with surface mount components and it’s about 1/4 the size of the standard 14A00-8 board. I am looking to build a humidity sensor next to control the ventilation fan for a bathroom, sunroom or indoor hot tub room. But I need to figure out how the signal is received and converted from frequency(or voltage) to % humidity. Or do they operate on a serial data link?
I started to look into using the DS18B20 and an Arduino Pro Micro but I haven’t quite figured out how to get the PWM output to be the correct frequency. There is a simple formula that the omni Pro board uses for temp readings.
I have been reverse engineering some of the wireless sensor, GE Logix boards, in a effort to create new wireless devices.
I have been thinking of learning how the omni pro 2 board uses RS485 and/or RS232 to communicate with other serial devices and see if I can figure out how to interface an ESP32 with it. Or even a LoRa receiver. I have looked into MQTT a bit, I think someone else on this forum uses it, but it looked like the trigger/message would go out the internet url and then return back to the raspberry pi or MQTT receiver. I am hoping to build something that doesn’t require an internet connection and is more ’stand alone’.
Let me know if you are looking for any temp sensors or expansion boards.


Or do they operate on a serial data link?

I always thought it was voltage. There is a Cocoontech user here that at one time tried to emulate the HAI temperature sensors using 1-Wire temperature sensors. His posts are under the HAI section. He was tinkering with the serial connection to the OmniPro panel at the time.

Midon designs created a board that connected to multiple 1-wire devices and output serially around 1999. I purchased a few of these boards way back. He put the reads of the 1-wire devices in firmware.

I am currently using a LoRa serial transceiver (1 watt purchased from China) that talks a couple of miles nicely. I am currently using it with a remote long range RFid box with RFid tags in the automobiles. Basement ==> Garage ==> automobiles.

Sometime in the future you will see the entire 1-Wire library of devices on an ESP chip. That said we are not there yet. It would be an HAI firmware change to talk to a new serial device though. (a reverse engineering of the last released firmware for the panels - all really similar).

An add on serial programmable controller that spoke MQTT and connected to the firmware on the OmniPanel would be really nice to have.

I run (testing) MQTT on an OpenWRT micro router today. Functions fine sending and receiving MQTT stuff via Python. The Securifi Almond Plus is a combo touchscreen / automation controller that runs on the OpenWRT OS. Well similar to the Hubitat. Lua.

@RobinsonNi - I can volunteer to test anything as long as I do not burn up my panel. I like to tinker here and have solder station, large magnifying glass, hot air gun all in place.
The non-extended range sensors use frequency, using an LM331 voltage to frequency IC, however the extended range sensor I believe are serial devices. They use a small microcontroller (PICxxx chip) to take in the information from the temp and humidity sensors. I am trying to reverse engineer the ones that I have (31A00-8), however they are a 4 layer board and it’s a bit more difficult to create a schematic from it without removing all of the components. That’s why I had posted, in a different thread, if there was any blown up/garbage boards or system components that anyone had kicking around. To be used as a donor board.
I have been reading up on and watching YouTube videos about LoRa, looks like a really nice system. The wireless Range is amazing, would need to see how much battery power is needed to get that range.
I have also been working on the GE InterLogix system, would like to make my own receiver and transmitting devices. There are still a huge amount of door/window contacts, motion sensor, smoke alarms that are still easily accessible. I may have a contact that worked for InterLogix in their R&D department and may still have access to programming and firmware. We shall see!