List of Leviton / HAI lesser known facts or bugs.


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I thought it would be nice to get some discussion going about some HAI idiosyncracies, with the hope that we may generate a document others could refer to.
I'll throw some things out. Feel free to shoot them down if you don't agree and especially add to the list.

1. Thermostats cannot have an address that matches the zone number of a Temp Sensor. Once I ran into this, I started all my tstats at 11 and kept all my temp sensors on zones 1 - 10.

2. The unlabeled 0 key on the console is the beep on/off control.

3. HAI supports 3 different wireless protocols. They are GE, Linear and HAI proprietary.

4. HAI supports two types of EOL resistors. 1k is standard but above 1k to 3.7k is supported if you use the ground lug on the board.

5. The rarest expansion board I have ever seen is the 24A00-1 Phast-Link board. Documentation is just about impossible to find.

6. The Android Touchscreen 99A00-1 never implemented access to User Settings. They are implemented on the Standard Console and the 5.7 and 3.5 touchscreens.

7. When the system displays "Set Time" all time based functions quit. That means weekly tests as well.

8. HAI made Demo / Training kits that came in a customized case. They also made training system only roms.

9. HAI was sold under various brands - Aegis (still part of HAI), OnQ, AMP - I want to say FutureSmart but I'm not sure about that.