Alternatives for 42A00-1 wireless receiver?


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I have an HAI Omni IIe that is fully functional. However, the wireless receiver, 42A00-1, got damaged and I am in search of a replacement.
I have been unable to locate an exact replacement on E-bay or other sites after searching extensively.

I only need support for 4 wireless sensors, and I also have plenty of available hardwired zones available on the Omni board.

Is there anything currently available that can convert 319.5 to hardwire (not the other way around), since I have available hardwired zones?
Are there any currently available compatible receivers that support HAL? (of any frequency, since I'm willing to replace the wireless sensors)
Anybody else have other ideas?

Hello @ak1721 ,
You can use GE wireless to hardwire receivers. I have used them with HAI for a long time.
Look for models:
QuickBridge Loop receiver
Wireless Security Product 60-660-01-95R and similar.
here is one on ebay...

There are a number of similar versions.
Please don't trash the old 42A00-1. There are folks on this forum working to repair and reverse engineer these products,
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Just be careful, not all HAI wireless products work with the GE wireless receiver! Made that mistake! If you do switch wireless receivers you will most likely need to switch the wireless contacts. You may find the GE Interlogix receiver on ebay, that's the one I use as well as the HAI receiver.

How did the wireless receiver get damaged? It may be repairable! I think @dwalt was referring to me when he mentioned repairing and reverse engineering some of the HAI parts. Can you take a few pictures and post them here of the damage?