How to add wireless to omni in 2024?


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I wish to add a bunch (maybe 8) glass break sensors to my old omni lt system. I don't have good locations to hardwire these, so I think this leaves me in need of a wireless solution. Problem is, my system only has the expansion module, not the wireless receiver module.

Is it really best to hunt down an old GE interlogix wireless receiver to do wireless the way omni systems used to support? Won't that leave me stuck buying old gen 319.5mhz glass break sensors as well? I think I'd be better off with less dated glass break sensors such as the 345mhz honeywell/ademco 5853s or newer (better?) bosch radion glassbreaks at 433.42mhz. Is there a wireless->hardwire receiver solution for this? Something like the alula re580x but in the other direction...
The only way I can see you adding Ademco/Honeywell wireless is with an Alula 524X. You would still need the GE wireless receiver as well.
I would use the old GE Quickbridge 8 channel wireless to hardwire so you could still use your expansion module. There is a NOS one on eBay for $150.
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Great, I hadn't realized alula had another bridge device that could work wireless to wireless and provide the missing piece. I've ordered up everything to give it a try. Funny thing is, the company I ordered the glass breaks from called me to warn me as they didn't think I could get this solution to work with my old omni system :)

Wish there was a more modern wired->wireless bridge than the GE quickbridge, so that one doesn't have to buy old stock hardware and 2 levels of bridging... Still should be worth it if it saves me having to replace the whole alarm system.