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Appreciate your input as I make my hardware selections

A concern for me is that HAI is more like Nest - acquired by a big company but seemingly left to flounder.  It's been 4 years since HAI was was acquired by Leviton and as far as I can tell, other than occasional firmware updates they haven't changed or added a single thing, or more worrisome, done a single drop of marketing.  I get that the security is (and should be) a slow moving product, but automation is a rapidly evolving field.
Even in the few days since I wrote this my thinking has evolved as Lutron is linking up with Sonos for RadioRa2 integration.  Suddenly a Lutron lighting/HVAC/Audio system seems attractive.  My head is spinning!


cobra said:
Maybe you mean Haiku?  Haiku is no longer for sale, but the replacement 'Space' is available for iOS (although the functionality is limited, given what I've read.)
I still have a copy of Haiku on my phone and like it, but it is no longer available for purchase.
Whoops. My mistake. I thought they had pulled it.


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tannebil said:
Whoops. My mistake. I thought they had pulled it.
I thought I would double check, as I hadn't actually checked the iOS app store in a while.  It is still listed, and looks like they dropped the price slightly, as I thought it was $49.99, but it now shows as 44.99.
(Although I have not personally purchased it, as it still seems to have some growing pains and I have Haiku from before they pulled it from the store.)