1. S

    OmniPro and Vera 3 Z wave

    Hello, I have an OmniPro II home automation system and the Vera 3 Z-wave appliance which allowed my to control the lighting and integrate this into the Omni. I use PC Access to update the Omni and use the Space app to control this from my iPhone. Unfortunately the Vera 3 is no longer...
  2. CT Droid

    Verified Leviton HAI Web-Link II 3.0.9127.0

  3. L

    Help with dismantling OP2 and switches

    We have a house we built now on year 18. Omni Pro II and all the OP switches and room controllers. To avoid details I'm just basically sick of it all and the failing switches and software interface etc. I have a simple (or NOT so simple) question. Is it possible for me to remove my switches...
  4. K

    Omni Pro II - not keeping correct time.

    I have an Omni Pro II that's ~15 years old in the last year it's started to fail to keep time correctly. It's not becoming quite a problem, it lost a complete hour over the last 24 hours. Has anyone seen anything like it? The system has 2 Expansion boards with one expansion that's a wireless...
  5. M

    Troubleshooting network connectivity issues

    I've got the newer OmniPro 2 board above....with the 5 ports on the top left...2 empty sockets & flash chips below. Was having intermittent connectivity issues with Myro Home application, and getting about 1 in 6 pings back on local network from the OmniPro 2 IP address. Given that it is...
  6. McKinneySmart

    How Many Types of Leviton/HAI boards are there?

    These past few days/weeks, there has been discussion about repairing/re-engineering the Leviton/HAI OMNI product line. This got me to thinking. (...I KNOW THAT'S DANGEROUS...) HAI had 3 different versions of the OMNI board: - OmniPro II. The full size, big brother. My best estimate here...
  7. E

    OmniTouch 7 question/request for user manual

    Guys, I have a brand-new OmniTouch 7 panel installed on my Omni IIe. It works well. However, there is a piece I don't know, and the panel came with installation instructions, but no user manual. How do I disarm all areas at once? And where can I get a user manual? Thanks!
  8. A

    Rebuild Omnipro setup for new homeowner

    A friend moved into a new home with an HAI OmniPro II system, with a handful of Omnitouch 7 screens around the house. There are also Leviton consoles for climate control that are functioning. With the help of many threads on this forum, I was able to get his controller online, and connect to it...
  9. R

    HAI Board

    Does someone know if I can substitute a HAI 19A00 board for a HAI 19A01 board? THANKS
  10. G


    Omnipro2 with an Temp Sensor. Is there a way to calibrate them? Mine is off by 2 degrees. My ER outdoor unit is accurate.
  11. D

    HAI PC Access & Weblink

    Hello everyone. Yesterday my PC Access Installer version 1.9A quit communicating with my OnQ 1050 panel. Main panel and serial interface board seem to be working. I get a blink on the RCV light on the serial board when I trying to communicate with the board, but no response. PC Access has worked...
  12. S

    HAI UPB PIM + UPStart connection

    Where can I find the serial cable that talks from PC to HAI UPB PIM? How do you put the HAI UPB PIM into pulse mode? I have an Omni Pro II (3.4) controller that utilizes a HAI UPB PIM for lighting. I am having trouble communicating with the HAI UPB PIM. I can not find a HAI/LEVITON 36A05-2...
  13. CT Droid

    Verified Leviton HAI PC Access 3

    This file was posted with permission from Leviton (which acquired HAI several years ago) and is the final 'unlocked' version of this software. What's the difference between the User version of PC Access and the Dealer version of PC Access? The Dealer version gives you access to additional...
  14. P

    Omni keypad 33a00-1/33a00-4 led button lights?

    I have 2 Omni Pro II consoles. One labeled HAI and the other labeled Leviton. The HAI labeled panel has buttons that light up with they are pushed and then go off after a period of time. The Leviton labeled panel has buttons that are light up all the time, they never go off. Is there any way...
  15. B

    Omni IIe and snaplink

    Hi, was not able to connect remotely for the past 2 years since I changed my modem/router. I am trying now a new router, TP-link Deco and have same issue. I can't forward a port, as the router does not see the panel. I tried to change the ip address but it doesnt help. The only reason to do so...
  16. J

    HAI Omni 2 Wi Fi hookup

    Noticed a lot of HAI Omni expertise on this site! Hoping I can get some help …. Bought a house last year with HAI Omni Ii system, I’d like to use the “Myro: home” App to connect via WiFi instead of the touchscreen. Is the Myro: Home app good for Omni II users? If so, I’d like to get my...
  17. CT Droid

    Verified HAI ZigBee Updater

    The HAI ZigBee Updater application is used to update the firmware in HAI ZigBee devices
  18. C

    OmniTouch Pro

    Hello! I am wondering if I could buy a OmniTouch Pro/Leviton License? Some of my family hade OmniTouch installed in their home in 2015. But It has been discontinued and stuff like Cameras, Alarms And Lights don't work.(this is was a new house) I have OmniTouch the software but need a license. To...
  19. J

    HAI Phase Coupler failure?

    Is it common for an HAI phase coupler to fail? I have over 30 HAI devices (mostly HAI switches, but a few SAI outlets and buttons) and OmniPro with one phase coupler. It has been running fine for many years. Over the last year I have been having comm issues. The HAI Omni PIM seems to have...
  20. D

    getting zone resistors other than 1k working with HAI

    I recently stumbled across this article which shows how you can integrate zones with termination resistors higher than 1k. It works for termination resistors >1k to 3.7k. This means Ademco/Honeywell, Elk and others. The article is at: http://kb.homeauto.com/default.asp?id=924&SID=&Lang=1 dwalt