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  1. B

    Omni IIe and snaplink

    Hi, was not able to connect remotely for the past 2 years since I changed my modem/router. I am trying now a new router, TP-link Deco and have same issue. I can't forward a port, as the router does not see the panel. I tried to change the ip address but it doesnt help. The only reason to do so...
  2. J

    HAI Omni 2 Wi Fi hookup

    Noticed a lot of HAI Omni expertise on this site! Hoping I can get some help …. Bought a house last year with HAI Omni Ii system, I’d like to use the “Myro: home” App to connect via WiFi instead of the touchscreen. Is the Myro: Home app good for Omni II users? If so, I’d like to get my...
  3. CT Droid

    Verified HAI ZigBee Updater

    The HAI ZigBee Updater application is used to update the firmware in HAI ZigBee devices
  4. C

    OmniTouch Pro

    Hello! I am wondering if I could buy a OmniTouch Pro/Leviton License? Some of my family hade OmniTouch installed in their home in 2015. But It has been discontinued and stuff like Cameras, Alarms And Lights don't work.(this is was a new house) I have OmniTouch the software but need a license. To...
  5. J

    HAI Phase Coupler failure?

    Is it common for an HAI phase coupler to fail? I have over 30 HAI devices (mostly HAI switches, but a few SAI outlets and buttons) and OmniPro with one phase coupler. It has been running fine for many years. Over the last year I have been having comm issues. The HAI Omni PIM seems to have...
  6. D

    getting zone resistors other than 1k working with HAI

    I recently stumbled across this article which shows how you can integrate zones with termination resistors higher than 1k. It works for termination resistors >1k to 3.7k. This means Ademco/Honeywell, Elk and others. The article is at: http://kb.homeauto.com/default.asp?id=924&SID=&Lang=1 dwalt
  7. D

    can't access from the network LTEIIe

    I've read through a number of the threads here with similar problems, but none of the solutions seem to have helped me. My board out of the blue stopped communicating with my HSC3 pi and I've been trying to track down the issue. The red light on the board stopped working. My first stab was...
  8. D

    HAI ZIM update

    I recently bought a HAI ZIM as a spare. I went to update it using the same process I did with my first ZIM. Problem is, even though the file downloads complete successfully and I watch the progress on the zim and it reports file download successful, the ZIM never updates. On power up, it still...
  9. R

    Aftermarket HAI Boards and Accessories

    Hi All, I have reverse engineered a few HAI boards and accessories. I was thinking of producing a few of them for resale, with some minor changes of my own. I'm just wondering if there is a market? Expansion Enclosure 16 zone/16 output 17A01 Hardwire Expander 16 zone 10A06 Relay Board 8 relay...
  10. kurtmccaslin

    Omni support discontinued

    I got an email from Leviton saying that they are discontinuing non-warranty repairs for the Omni effective the end of the year. If you have Omni or BitWise products or accessories that need to be repaired, ensure an RMA request is submitted before December 31, 2022. Fill out the RMA Request...
  11. S

    Looking to purchase OmniPro II outdoor temperature sensor

    Does anyone out there have (or know where I can get) an OmniPro exterior temp sensor I can purchase? Mine seems to have died after 20+ years. Thanks, Harold
  12. C

    High Frequency Hum/Buzz from HAI &SA UPB Light Switches

    Hey friends, I've got over 50 HAI 35A00-1 Dimmer Switches that have developed an annoying hum at night. Oddly it doesn't happen all the time, but when it does you can hear this study high-frequency hum/buzz coming out of the switches. Definitely audible enough that you can hear it across the...
  13. O

    How to turn off LED on HAI 35A00-1 switch?

    I've read that the blue LED indicator on the HAI switches can be configured or turned off. We have two in our bedroom that I'd really like to turn off. In PCAccess I've tried the command to "LED Off". Can't get it to work. Any ideas what I may be missing? It asks for a "LED number" of 1-8...
  14. G

    Need help with extended range temp/humidity sensor

    Hi, I'm a new member here. My google searches always bring me to this forum! I have the OMNI LT with an expansion board, have some modules from OnQ, HAI, Honeywell, and others and have the system monitored with Alarm Relay. I just recently replaced an outdoor temp sensor with a temp/humidity...
  15. electron

    PCS confirms commitment to UPB in HAI environment

    I know there has been some talk about UPB/HAI recently, so I thought I'd share this newsletter PCS just sent out.
  16. J

    Can no longer connect or ping my OMNI Pro panel

    I'm using the snap link app and can no longer connect to my Omni Pro panel? About a year ago, I installed a new Router (Fritzbox) and changed my IP on the panel to to suit the range of the router. My Routers IP is Its worked finer for a year or so but suddenly....no...
  17. D

    recessed console mounts

    Is there any interest in 3D printed recessed console mounts? I got someone to make me a sample.. What would folks be willing to pay? Then I can go back to the person who did the work and see if its worthwhile for them... Don
  18. D

    HAI Outdoor keypad 54A00

    I found a source on eBay selling new Essex Electronics K1-34S-HAI keypads which happens to be the HAI 54A00 outdoor keypad. I bought one and hooked it up to an OmniPro 2 and it works great. There are a couple gotchas but easy enough to resolve. The Good... The keypad comes configured for use on...
  19. T

    Hai Leviton Omnistat 2 Issues

    Two out of three Omnistat 2's that I have replaced due to failure, all Zigbee models, are exhibiting strange behavior. When installed, they all three worked correctly, displaying relative humidty as well as the proximity sensor working correctly. Now for some reason two of them no longer display...
  20. R

    OmniTouch Pro

    Hi, I’m trying to find/buy an OmniTouch Pro license and can’t find one anywhere! Anyone know where I can find one? Or does anyone have one I can use? Thanks, Nick [email protected]