Omni keypad 33a00-1/33a00-4 led button lights?


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I have 2 Omni Pro II consoles. One labeled HAI and the other labeled Leviton. The HAI labeled panel has buttons that light up with they are pushed and then go off after a period of time. The Leviton labeled panel has buttons that are light up all the time, they never go off.
Is there any way to control the behavior of the LED lighting the buttons?
From page 12 of the OmniPro II installation manual:

Page 12
The console has different operating options that can be setup from the console to the user's preference. If more than one console
is being used, it is required that you give each console a different address. You can change the address of a console through the
console setup mode.
To enter the console setup mode, simultaneously press and hold the 4 and up arrow () for approximately 1 second. The console
will beep 5 times and enter the setup mode. The top line of the display will indicate what you are doing, followed by the current
setting. The bottom line will show a menu of your options. To the lower right corner of the display is the direction arrow(s).
Where possible, the up (↑), down (↓), and two-headed (↕) arrow characters are shown on the console display to indicate which
arrow keys may be pressed at that time. Press the down arrow () key to advance to the next item. Press the up arrow () key to
go back to the previous item.
If you are installing more than one console, each console must be set to a different address. The default address setting is (1) -
this is adequate if only one console is being used. The choices at the bottom are 1-16. When making your choice, choose an
address between 1-16, then press the # (pound) key.
If you wish not to hear the beeper in the console for any reason, the sounder option can be turned off. Select (0) for OFF or (1)
for ON, then press the # key.
The sounder makes a click every time a key is pressed. This option may also be turned off. Select (0) for OFF or (1) for ON,
then press the # key.
The keys on the console keypad are lit. The keys can be never lit, always lit, or only lit when the LCD display is lit. Select (0)
OFF, (1) for ON, or (2) TIMED, then press the # key.
Thanks, alot dwalt. I looked all over the owners manual and the internet. Foolish me I forgot to look at the install manual.
You start loosing brain cells as you get older.
Thanks again.
You're welcome. Some of the info in the install manual should be in the owners manual as well.