PCS, creators of UPB, considering offering HAI OmniPro repair service, input needed!

The only reason I use the SPDT relays it for pool valve controls (Hayward or Jandy 24v motorized valves) otherwise yeah SPST works on everything else. They don't have to be driven by anything else, they are simply wired to the same output terminals of the expansion board just as if you hooked up the external wiring from the outputs to the relay board. Just makes everything so much cleaner with the relay board and panel together.
Would love to get my hands on a broken/blown up OmniTouch Pro 2 panel to reverse engineer, I only have the one that is currently in use! Unhooked the expansion board for a month or two over the winter when I didn't need to run the irrigation system to reverse engineer it.

I have an OP2 that lost console communication. It has only 3 serial ports and the firmware is on the chip.
I could send it to you.
Another idea.
What about designing a circuit board with the same foot-print of the OMNI board that has the basic input sensing and output drivers and use an Arduino Mega or Due. It has 54 digital input/output pins and 16 analog inputs, 4 UARTs. Some of the digital pins can be used for additional serial ports.
(Currently, a daughter board is need for Ethernet. But would not be surprised if they shortly announce a version with Ethernet onboard.)

Just an idea.
I may be speaking out of turn here....
My impression is the first step is to allow @RobinsonNi to trace out the OmniProII so that he can make a new board blank.
Then he will see how many chips are no longer available (like the 10M ethernet chip) and possibly the DSP.
Then design workarounds for them.
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Surface Mount (LM331) I was able to find some!
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Finally, I've been working on a wireless soil moisture sensor that connects to the GE Interlogix 315mhz system, it will just trigger a zone into alarm and would activate one or many sprinkler zones until the desired level is reached. No more over watering my wife's gardens! Can be powered from a small replaceable lipo battery or with the dual CR2032 watch battery add-on board.

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Simple dual watch battery add-on board.
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One of the main issues I keep having with making the HAI boards is the fact that a lot of the components are no longer made. For instance, trying to find the 16 pin barrier terminal blocks (with the correct spacing, and correct screw terminals) was proving very difficult so my versions use 8 pin and a smaller pin spacing.
I do have a number of other versions, brain storming ideas, of the expansion enclosure boards. Mainly with the expansion board and relays in one unit as I believe most of us use them with relays.

Speaking of the original 16 pin barrier terminal blocks - anyone happen to have one I could purchase from them?
The ribbon cable is a simple/direct 20 pin IDC (pin1 to pin1) to the relay boards, nothing fancy just kept it simple. I have a few unpopulated boards, as I only made up what I needed. But the others could be assembled. All of the boards are the same foot print so the will fit the current aluminum backplates.
Would you happen to have any damaged Hi-Fi 2 boards and power supplies? I bought one from ebay that had obviously been "repaired" before and it looks like the 24v rail was applied to the 5v rail!
I'm late to this conversation - not on here much..

RE: Hi-Fi2, I have a software emulator that runs as a windows service. It bridges winamp (tcp) and the omni console (serial or tcp) - emulating a hi-fi2 system. At the least, it contains the hi-fi2 protocol. Let me know if interested - can send your way.
That would be great! Could you please send that to me?
I had started to reverse engineer the Hi-Fi 2 board but now that @McKinneySmart has sent me an older/damaged OmniPro 2 main board I have been working on the schematic and board layout for it. With any luck I should have it done by the new year!