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hai omnipro

  1. C

    Giving up on X-10, Z-Wave the way to go?

    I just can't seem to get my X-10 to work anymore. Tried new serial modules, phase coupler/repeaters, nothing it getting through anymore. I'm looking in to Z-Wave, but is the Leviton VRC0P anywhere to be found? I'm dead without it. I want to use the Omni IIe to be the controller. Is this...
  2. J

    HAI Omni 2 Wi Fi hookup

    Noticed a lot of HAI Omni expertise on this site! Hoping I can get some help …. Bought a house last year with HAI Omni Ii system, I’d like to use the “Myro: home” App to connect via WiFi instead of the touchscreen. Is the Myro: Home app good for Omni II users? If so, I’d like to get my...
  3. D

    getting zone resistors other than 1k working with HAI

    I recently stumbled across this article which shows how you can integrate zones with termination resistors higher than 1k. It works for termination resistors >1k to 3.7k. This means Ademco/Honeywell, Elk and others. The article is at: http://kb.homeauto.com/default.asp?id=924&SID=&Lang=1 dwalt
  4. D

    can't access from the network LTEIIe

    I've read through a number of the threads here with similar problems, but none of the solutions seem to have helped me. My board out of the blue stopped communicating with my HSC3 pi and I've been trying to track down the issue. The red light on the board stopped working. My first stab was...
  5. H

    Omni Pro II Relay programming to determine direction

    Hello, We are working on a huge project and was wondering If you had any ideas on how to program the relays (just a add on 4 port relay board 10A07-1) in a Omni Pro II so we can determine direction of a car entering and exiting a driveway. The goal here is to voice announce that a vehicle is...
  6. T

    Upstart connection issues

    Hello All, I have purchased home that has an Omni Pro II system with HAI switches and all we were handed was the owners manual and tech support line that is no longer in service. The last owners did not know any of details on the system and the room names on the wall panels are from the...
  7. D

    HAI Omnipro II serial connection

    If there is a cheat sheet for this it would be great to know where to look. So I PCA software but it won't fire up with my saved PCA file on another computer. So it looks like I need to pull the pca file off the board. I have a serial/ethernet cord. Do I plug it into the ethernet port on the...
  8. G

    Need help with extended range temp/humidity sensor

    Hi, I'm a new member here. My google searches always bring me to this forum! I have the OMNI LT with an expansion board, have some modules from OnQ, HAI, Honeywell, and others and have the system monitored with Alarm Relay. I just recently replaced an outdoor temp sensor with a temp/humidity...
  9. J

    Can no longer connect or ping my OMNI Pro panel

    I'm using the snap link app and can no longer connect to my Omni Pro panel? About a year ago, I installed a new Router (Fritzbox) and changed my IP on the panel to to suit the range of the router. My Routers IP is Its worked finer for a year or so but suddenly....no...
  10. R

    OmniTouch Pro

    Hi, I’m trying to find/buy an OmniTouch Pro license and can’t find one anywhere! Anyone know where I can find one? Or does anyone have one I can use? Thanks, Nick [email protected]
  11. R

    PC Access Update

    Hi, Just installed my copy of PC Access and tried to update it. Has Leviton shutdown the update link, can’t download board firmware, omnitouch firmware either. Anyone else having the same issue? Thanks, Nick
  12. B

    Replacement for Omni Pro II

    I am looking at possibly replacing my Omni Pro II system with a newer alarm system. I have had the system since 2005 with the entire house; doors, windows, motion sensors, and sirens, hard-wired into the control panel. I also had it set up to cover both my home and pole barn (each with their...
  13. C

    Starting OmniPro two without council.

    Starting OmniPro ll without council. I believe my Consol is dead and I don’t have another is it possible to start up a panel with access by PC or Myro?
  14. A

    Omnistat 2 and San Diego service provider?

    Greetings, I'm happy to have found this forum. We purchased a home in North East San Diego County last year. The home was built around 2009 and the original owner put an extensive HAI system throughout (4000 sq. ft.). During this time, there have been a number of times I've woken up in the...
  15. M

    OmniLink and OmniLink II and UDP

    My understanding is that the OmniLink protocol is used for communicating with the Omni controller via its serial ports (RS-232 & RS-485) and OmniLink II is used to communicate via its ethernet port using TCP. However I’ve also read in this forum that UDP over ethernet is also supported but I can...
  16. pete_c

    Home Assistant Alarm Keypad display

    Here using Home Assistant (and Homeseer) to manage a Ring Alarm (and doorbell and thermostat) for house #2 and OmniPro2 panel in house #1. I see an console keypad for the Ring Alarm system but do not see one for the OmniLinkBridge app. Ring card is defined as: type: alarm-panel states: -...
  17. B


      Issue Background: Stable HAI OP2 (4.0B) in place for 10+ years with no changes to hardware/software in 2 years.</li> While away on vacation I received Omni Notifier message Freeze Alarm &quot;FREEZE ALARM TRIPPED</li> 5 minutes later I received Omni Notifier message ALARM RESET</li> It's the...
  18. T

    1K EOL Resistor Replacement for OmniPro

    When we built our home, I hard-wired the security panel with 30-40 zones using 1K EOLR at the end of that zone.  I'm afraid my current Leviton OmniPro is on it's last leg.  Since Leviton has discontinued the OmniPro Panel, I was curious if anyone knew of a security panel that used 1K EOLRs?  I...
  19. C

    HAI OmniPro II - are my lights using UDP?

    Complete newbie to this thread. When we built our house 10 years ago we had HAI Omnipro II installed and managing certain lights, security, thermostats, and integrated with Russound for multi-room audio. I am trying to now automate more things around the house, and getting the system to latest...
  20. K

    Snaplink broken by IOS 15 may be the last straw for OmniPro-II for me

    After the 2018 Announcement from Leviton I knew it was only a matter of time that I'd have to replace my beloved OmniPro II system with all of it's glorious capabilities. I have loved the amazing system for over 2 decades. The list of of HAI/Leviton components: HAI Omni Pro II  Two (2) Expansion...