Smoke Trouble: How to Test Zones (1-4) Smoke Inputs on OMNI II Pro


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I reconfigured ZONES 2-4 as "NRM" quite a while ago, with ZONE-1 dedicated to 4W Smoke Detector Loop (SMK). I connected Water Moccasin contact closure on ZONE3, and then after powering up the panel, My Smoke detector loops shows "Trouble Now". I since moved relay contact to Expansion 2 from Water Moccasin, with no change on Smoke Detector Trouble. I'm think the EOLRR may be causing the issue, but I don't believe in coincidence.

This happened 3 hours after powering up the panel. I looked for a bad SMOKE Detector (and indeed found one) and replaced, but didn't think this was actually the issue. Can I pull the SMOKE loop from Zone-1 and connect a resistor some how to verify the input is fine? This weekend, I plan to test Smoke on Zone-2 just to see if there is a difference (after moving the jumper).

Any recommendation on the proper procedure to Test "SMOKE" zone for proper operation? We have had several power outages this Winter (one was over 12 hours which killed the battery), and several Lightning Storms this Spring, no lighning strike nearby, but power surges took out two security cameras belong to a client.

46/26 10:06 AMSYSTEM RESET
56/26 10:01 AMSYSTEM RESET
66/25 8:28 PMSmoke Detectors TROUBLE
Well no answer, but below is a list of steps I have taken:

1) Replaced EOLR with New One, I didn't think this would help (it didn't).
2) Moved ZONE-1 to Zone 2, no change Loop still reading "4" (Zone-1 used to read 33 when working before adding Water Moccasin Zone-3)
3) Removed ZONE wires from +12 Switched and Zone-2 & applied power to Panel, Measured 1000 ohms across Zone Wires (indicating Relay closed)
4) With nothing connected to ZONE-1 or ZONE-2 they both read "0" under Loop Status

With a 1000 ohms across the loop, I wonder if OMNI Smoke ZONE Loops are having issues?

Can anyone post what you see when Smoke Zone is secure? This is strange, I never had a Trouble alarm in 20 years.Omni II PRO Smoke Dectors Trouble Now Event Log.jpg
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I think I found the issue......

Some time ago I strapped Zone 3 & 4 for "NORM", and left ZONE 1 & 2 for "SMK" (JP11 & JP12).

I decided to put JP11, JP12, JP13 and JP14 all in "SMK" position, since I already moved Water Moccasin sensor to ZONE 33 (Expansion).

I wonder if any zone, between 1 and 4, are to be used for SMK, if they all must be strapped this way? This didn't start working again until I moved all jumpers (however I think I had previously moved JP13 and JP14 in preparation for the Water Moccasin sensor on ZONE-3 some time ago).

It seems if ZONES 1-4 are mutually exclusive, based on my observation, but Page-8 of Omni II Installation Manual leaves me to believe otherwise.

Attached is the ZONE Loop Report now (JP1-JP4 in "SMK" Position): Any ideas? I didn't have an issue until I tried to use ZONE-3 for Water Moccasin sensor.

HAI Omni ii PRO JP11-JP14 all configured for SMK Position Before Loop Secure and No Trouble.jpg
If your Omni II is working properly, you only need to set the SMK jumper for zones that have 2 wire smoke detectors attached.
Not complete convinced jumpers are the issue. I just was messing with DMZ router for OMNI II Network Interface and SMOKES had trouble again. I moved Power Supply for Gl-iNet Router to first Auxiliary 12V power screws, and now loop is reporting good. Something seems intermittent with the OMNI board, moving router Power Supply back was the only other change I had made. I will monitor situation.

It seems Network Interface is no longer working, I'm looking into that.