smoke detectors

  1. I

    Smoke detector questions

    I'm guessing the answers vary depending on location, but does the Elk M1G, when used with the appropriate 2-wire or 4-wire smoke detectors, fit the definition of "hardwired smoke detectors"? Also, might as well ask... what about an Elk M1G with only Elk 2-way wireless smoke detectors? I don't...
  2. SierraTech

    Smoke Trouble: How to Test Zones (1-4) Smoke Inputs on OMNI II Pro

    Greetings, I reconfigured ZONES 2-4 as "NRM" quite a while ago, with ZONE-1 dedicated to 4W Smoke Detector Loop (SMK). I connected Water Moccasin contact closure on ZONE3, and then after powering up the panel, My Smoke detector loops shows "Trouble Now". I since moved relay contact to Expansion...
  3. I

    Smoke detector location

    This is for a home [still] under construction. It's time to do the rough-in wiring for smoke detectors, so I'm trying to determine locations for smoke detectors. I understand the general rules, i.e., every sleeping area, hallways outside sleeping areas, three feet from HVAC supplies and return...