Omni Pro II - not keeping correct time.


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I have an Omni Pro II that's ~15 years old in the last year it's started to fail to keep time correctly. It's not becoming quite a problem, it lost a complete hour over the last 24 hours. Has anyone seen anything like it?

The system has 2 Expansion boards with one expansion that's a wireless (only used for keyfobs). In the past I've run the Windows Media Add-in and the web server product (Web-Link II) they used to have (predates Snap-Link), both of which let me automatically set the time from the HAI windows service that supported them.

1. Has anyone been able to remedy a faulty clock, and if so how.
2. Does anyone know a way to automatically set the clock on a periodic basis (ala NTP server).


  • The Leviton Email board does check time using NTP
  • Software like OmniLinkBridge or Homeseer 3-4 does a time check and adjustment
  • The promiscuous NIC port on the panel causes the panel to lose time. I use a micro router connection on the panel.
@pete_c that's GREAT info...

I now see the two options on the communication board settings... If I have the "Enable Time Sync" set to "yes" do you know how frequently it should sync, or which NTP server it uses to sync (I fear it may be pointing to a deprecated NTP Server). I've always had it set to "yes" and I'm still seeing a few hours disappear each day. I read the instructions for the 20A30-1, but it does not appear to include details (ala frequency, name of NTP server used for sync).

Also, can you elaborate on "micro router connection" you use, I'm completely unaware of said connection on the board... but there's tons of things that I don't know. My last resort would be OminLinkBridge but I may have to if I can't make the other options work.

The time still going off even with an NTP sync multiple times a day tells me that there is an issue with the promiscuous network port. Over time this issue messes with the serial bus on the panel. For me personally the microrouter solution worked and the time rarely goes off sync.

I went with the smallest two port travel router I could find that I could update to OpenWRT. It is powered by the panel's 12vdc power using a bucky transformer to 5 vdc.

Microrouter DIY for use with the Omni Pro Panel Ethernet port
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