Snaplink broken by IOS 15 may be the last straw for OmniPro-II for me


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After the 2018 Announcement from Leviton I knew it was only a matter of time that I'd have to replace my beloved OmniPro II system with all of it's glorious capabilities. I have loved the amazing system for over 2 decades. The list of of HAI/Leviton components:
  • HAI Omni Pro II 
  • Two (2) Expansion Enclosures 17A00
  • Five (5) of the 8-Relaty Modules 19A00-1
  • Wireless 64 Zone Reciever  45A00-1
  • Omni E-Mail Notifier 20A30-1
  • Leviton Z-Wave Interface VRCOP
  • Three (3) Gen One Thermostats RC-80
  • Three (3) Gen two Thermostats RC-1000
  • Two (2) Wireless driveway Sensors 64A00-1
  • Five (5) Wireless Keyfob Remotes 48A00-1
  • Five (5) Extended Range Temp Sensors 31A00-7
  • Software interfaces WebLink-II, Dealer PC Access 3, Windows Media Center Plugin, Snaplink for Windows Phone, IOS, Windows (pc).
With all this native hardware I integrated it with:
  • Z-Wave (8 Kwikset Deadbolts, a couple dozen Outlets and wired Switches)
  • Dakota Wireless (2 Pir's, Doorbell, Breakbeam)
  • Greenfield hard wired water main valve (shutoff water when leak detected)
I was REALLY surprised that the last straw wasn't some major piece of hardware failure! It was the fact that IOS 15 basically bricks Snaplink the app I use dozens of times each day. When I first encountered the issue of inability to sync updates with the controller, I brushed it off. Eventually, I really needed and update and made the colossal mistake of attempting to delete and re-install to perhaps fix the issue. It did not. And because deleting the app removed the earlier profile it basically BRICKED Snaplink for me.
I've done a bunch of deep dives on the ELK hardware, I've even picked up a UD ISY994i to test it as a Z-Wave hub (massively better than the joke that is VRCOP). I've even diagramed the entire new system as I wait for the items needed to replace my complete setup. I'd love to get thoughts/regrets/insights from anyone else who's made the transition from OmniProII to the ElkM1. I think I've ID'd pretty much every detail of the new config with all the module types identified. I'd REALLY prefer to catch any mistakes on paper.
I did get a response from HAI's Snaplink support, the confirmed that issue was indeed caused with IOS 15. While I hope for a fix, I'm pretty committed to make the leap.
If anyone knows of folks with HAI installs who are looking for used parts, please feel free to ping me, as you can see I will have plenty of parts to dives over the next couple weeks all of which are used but in perfect working order.
I too am an admirer of HAI automation but am gradually migrating away..  However about 2 years ago I found MYRO and am very pleased with the service and its much better than the others like Haiku [which I was using] or Snaplink.  Got to go and will be back to share more of what else I've done.....
What a pain! I've got nearly twenty years of selling, installing and servicing the Omni Systems and its really iunfortunate when I have to tell new clients buying and exisitng system they have to switch it out. We mainly stuck to using the Omni panels to control everything, the Snaplink Mobile for the client facing side and I did show a lot of clients how to use PC Access. I came here looking to find out if there might be a suitable substitute for Sanpalink on the IOS? I'll take a look at some of the names being mentioned.
Because I am a contarctor, I had to switch to Elk for new clients. Ive put in about five homes together over the last 2 years. These systems have UPB Lighting, Aprilaire Themostats, relay controls for overhead garage doors and sprinklers. Its been pretty easy making the switch as the systems are very simalr. I now use the Ekeypad Pro software which is a little problematic as it only runs on IOSm but,  the Blueprint featrue on the iPad is very impressive. I must admit however, I feel the omni is way easier to program both from a Setup and Automation perspective.
Thansk for the dsicussion!
I’m using Myro for my OP2, but already started planning migration to Elk.  If Elk supported Lutron Radio RA3 I would make the move.  Having a thread of people who have migrated would be great. SJ
I am also using Myro and it meets my needs.   It was very slow to update when I first used it, but now it works great.   It is good to have a product that is being maintained.
I have considered a future upgrade to Elk, but I believe I am stuck because I am told that you cannot connect remote sites via fiber using Elk.    I have 2 buildings with expansion boards connected by fiber to my main site.   This works very well with OP2, but many years ago I read on this board it was not possible with Elk.   I originally used copper, but after 3 lightning strikes, I converted to fiber with no problems since.   
Therefore, I have been shopping on Ebay for spare parts for my OP2 and plan to keep it running as long as I can.
Here's the message I got from [email protected] regarding the break with IOS 15...
From: EMC&A NOLA, TechnicalSupport <[email protected]>
Sent: Monday, January 10, 2022 9:09 AM
To: (me)
Subject: RE: Snaplink Mobile IOS is Crashing with IOS15.1.1
Hello Ken,
Thanks for contacting Leviton Technical Services! There is an incompatibility issue with Snap-Link and IOS 15. We are currently working on an update. I do not have an ETA, but will notify you once it has been released.
Chris Hensel
Technical Services Representative, Residential
T: 800-824-3005 Option 8
Leviton Manufacturing Co., Inc. | [email protected]
Hi All,
I'm kinda "happy" with my old Omni LTe and hope that Leviton delivers...
Doe's any one know where I can get my hands on Omni E-Mail Notifier 20A30-1? I'd like to give it a try.
Maybe someone has a used one that has no longer a need for?
So far I refuse to migrate from my Omni IIe!
I would try to make due with the PC Snaplink first before switching.
Also, maybe you could use the Android version of Snaplink Mobile?  I know, I know, you don't want to use just an Android phone or carry both.
I believe Leviton might release a patch for the iPhone version, they've been fairly good about supporting the software apps so far.
I HATE Elk's offerings, when compared to the Omni panels... FYI.
KTAutomate --
You helped me!  I got an automatic update for IOS 15.3 and I disabled it for now.
I really think Leviton may correct the issue.
When I was responsible for a large security installation at a small hospital, this used to happen all the time!  As is usual and customary, our alarms, cameras, and access control were integrated.  All of them were made by different venders (UGH) and all the time they would release new versions of their software that would essentially "break" the integration between one or more of the different systems.  
Then the finger pointing would start!  Each vender blaming the other venders for the problem.  One time an automatic revolving door we had at the main entrance had no less that 8 different vender's parts involved with the installation - what a hassle!
So, we would never "update" the various software apps unless we specifically needed to do updates to fix a problem.
95% of the time the venders would correct the issues caused by a new version within a few weeks.
It will take a lot for me to give up on my Omni IIe.
And WOW!  You have a large install -- I say keep it!
I guess it is time to jump into this thread.
I have also been using the Omni systems for the past 20 years. I was a dealer/installer, but have retired from the industry before Leviton pulled the plug on the product line.
I have 2 OP2s installed in my house. (Because the OP2 boards that I have only have 3 serial ports. The second OP2 is going to be used to only control the Rain8UPB Pro.)

I did install a couple of ELK M1s when I was in the business. It is a great system and is (or was) the closest competitor to the Omni in the price range.

Yes I love the OmniPro2 line and I will try to keep it as my automation system for as long as I can. I will only migrate to something else if the Omnis blow up or rest of the industry keeps throwing too many cogs at the wheel. (Like the iOS 15 issue mentioned. If I can't control it from my iPhone, it is useless to me.)

I have been using the OmniPro II for 10+ years. A small setup with 35 zwave devices including 2 locks, driveway sensors, and other stuff. I wanted to include new zwave hardware but the VRCOP was limiting. I decided to use Homeseer HS4 and move all the z-wave devices to being controlled directly by HS4. Homeseer has a pluging for the Omni and Elk systems. The only thing I have found missing is with the Omni plug in is that there is no way to retrieve or set user settings.
I am also a Omnipro user for over 22 years.
Still running strong with Home-Assistant and OmniLinkBridge to get all the Omnipro data to HA.
Give it a try.
PS I know the clock is ticking but HA and OLB should give me more years with this Omnipro-II system which I love.
Hi All,

I'm kinda "happy" with my old Omni LTe and hope that Leviton delivers...

Doe's any one know where I can get my hands on Omni E-Mail Notifier 20A30-1? I'd like to give it a try.

Maybe someone has a used one that has no longer a need for?

Are you still looking for an Omni E-mail Notifier? I have one that I removed from my system.

2023-09-14: Sorry item no longer available.
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