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    Port forwarding

    Hello, I have an Omnipro2 and have been using Snaplink the last 7 years. For my needs, while at home or away, it all works good. Recently I can't connect when "away". Local control continues to work well. I think perhaps the fellow who port forwarded my Omnipro2/router for me about 7 years...
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    Omni IIe and snaplink

    Hi, was not able to connect remotely for the past 2 years since I changed my modem/router. I am trying now a new router, TP-link Deco and have same issue. I can't forward a port, as the router does not see the panel. I tried to change the ip address but it doesnt help. The only reason to do so...
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    Snaplink broken by IOS 15 may be the last straw for OmniPro-II for me

    After the 2018 Announcement from Leviton I knew it was only a matter of time that I'd have to replace my beloved OmniPro II system with all of it's glorious capabilities. I have loved the amazing system for over 2 decades. The list of of HAI/Leviton components: HAI Omni Pro II  Two (2) Expansion...