Omnipro II, PCAccess, Snap-Link

Hi Pete.

I clicked on the link. I'm feeling very dumb right now. I was looking for a click to download the program and it just pulls up a long list of things. I don't know what I'm looking at. I'm sorry for constantly bugging you for help. What do I need to click on, do I need to sign up, or do I need another program to be able to use OmniLinkBridge or is that stand alone? I'm trying to learn and understand.

I was reading down through the whole page and I'm somewhat to almost totally confused. I wish I could find someone local who knows these systems.

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Understood Mike.

There are two programs. The OmniLinkBridge talks MQTT by itself or paired with Home Assistant lets you create a page of variables.

Home Assistant is just automation software which provides a nice interface to the OmniLinkBridge. Both are free.

The Homeseer Omni plugin is another plugin. This one is a paid plugin plus the cost of the Homeseer software.

If you are used to Windows then Homeseer may be the program you want to use paired with the Omni plugin.

On the forum here there is also a web based HAI application. Thinking that it is free that lets you see all of the variables on the panel.
Hi Pete.

Yes I'm more familar with Windows system, much better than Apple. So I need to buy Homeseer and the Omni plugin? Correct?
And I'm trying to find it. Is it HS4? That appears to be the newest version. And I don't see an Omni plugin.

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Homeseer Omni Plugin shows up after you install Homeseer.

The OmniPlugin description is here:

The Windows version and Linux version are almost identical. There are more plugins for the Windows version.

I have used Homeseer since the late 1990's.

There was a serial add on for the OmniPro 2 panel when Homeseer 2 was around. I helped a bit promoting the Omni add on for Homeseer 3.
So I need to buy hs4, then Omni plugin? So $250 for all of it and can it be put on multiple pc or just 1? With me away from the museum I’ve been using my laptop so if it’s only one pc then it’ll have to stay at museum computer.
So I need to buy hs4, then Omni plugin?


So $250 for all of it and can it be put on multiple pc or just 1?

one pc. HS4 and Omni both have a 30 day trial period. Give it a try.

Purchase a refurb Lenova Tiny computer (M93A or M900) for a Museum computer for under $100. I have a few of these running today.

Personally have Homeseer 4 and Home Assistant running on one of these.
I’m in the process of putting in win10 computers at museum. They were all donated. Maybe I should hold off till we can get win11 unit. I hate buying a licensed program then have the computer go out in a few years. That’s a lot of money to spend on programs.

I wonder if they do something for non profits?