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pc access

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    Upstart connection issues

    Hello All, I have purchased home that has an Omni Pro II system with HAI switches and all we were handed was the owners manual and tech support line that is no longer in service. The last owners did not know any of details on the system and the room names on the wall panels are from the...
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    PC Access Update

    Hi, Just installed my copy of PC Access and tried to update it. Has Leviton shutdown the update link, can’t download board firmware, omnitouch firmware either. Anyone else having the same issue? Thanks, Nick
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    Thermostat Program Setting/Blinds Control Options?

    Hi folks.  First, big thank you - thru this board am up and running with PC Access and able to program lights, etc.  We inherited this system when we bought the house and it's a huge improvement to be able to actually use the automation.   We have an HAI Omni LTe with 4 Omnistat 2 thermostats. ...