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    Omni Pro II - not keeping correct time.

    I have an Omni Pro II that's ~15 years old in the last year it's started to fail to keep time correctly. It's not becoming quite a problem, it lost a complete hour over the last 24 hours. Has anyone seen anything like it? The system has 2 Expansion boards with one expansion that's a wireless...
  2. S

    How to future-proof a home dependent on HAI Omni ?

    We rewired our 100 year old cabin when it was stripped to the studs in a major renovation. Foolishly, I had the 120v wiring done with no manual switches for some lighting circuits, centralized switching at the panel for some lighting circuits and some conventional in-the-room switches in some...
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    Omni IIe and snaplink

    Hi, was not able to connect remotely for the past 2 years since I changed my modem/router. I am trying now a new router, TP-link Deco and have same issue. I can't forward a port, as the router does not see the panel. I tried to change the ip address but it doesnt help. The only reason to do so...
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    How to trick HAI Omni IIe re Trouble?

    Hi, Short version: I am moving my house automation off the HAI Omni IIe (in expectation that the unit will continue to degrade - its been in service for about 13 years ) BUT I am trying to leave the alarm functionality on the OMNI. I expected to be able to continue to use the PIRs already in...