How Many Types of Leviton/HAI boards are there?

These past few days/weeks, there has been discussion about repairing/re-engineering the Leviton/HAI OMNI product line. This got me to thinking. (...I KNOW THAT'S DANGEROUS...)

HAI had 3 different versions of the OMNI board:
- OmniPro II. The full size, big brother. My best estimate here is there were 3 different versions.
- Omni II and Omni IIe. The little brother. At least 2 versions.
- LT. First the half size board. Then the full size LTe. One version.

(Note: I am not including the very original OMNI board from the 1990s.)

So by my estimate, this would be 6 or more versions all using the same footprint and basic design.
So my question is do we try to repair/re-engineer all 6+ versions? Or just look at one version?
Based on my knowledge and experience, the big brother (OP2) could be used as a replacement for the OMNI IIe or OMNI LTe.

So my suggestion would be to consider only the latest OP2, aka, the Big Brother.

Any thoughts?
There was also the Aegis 3000 version which was probably just a firmware change and the Lumina Pro which again was probably a firmware version.
And the OnQ HMS 1100 which definitely was just a firmware version..
Good point. And you are right. Both the Aegis and OnQ were the same boards with firmware changes.
The Lumina and Lumina Pro used the same boards as the Omni IIe and OmniPro II.