HAI Omnipro 2 - Int sounder not working - only has 1volt?


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Hi Everyone - newbie here
My interior sounder stopped working. (The exterior one sounds like it is working but at a lower decibel )
I did some trouble shooting and found this on the Leviton Knowledge Base. 
Sounder Chirps or Sounds When System is Not in Alarm
Sounder Chirps or Sounds when System is not in Alarm
What type of Omni Controller is it? Omni LT, Omni II, Omni LTe, Omni IIe and Omni Pro II…
You will notice that in its normal state (Horn output off), there is 10-12VDC between Int Horn and GND and between Ext Horn and GND. This is required for bell supervision. We send 10-12VDC through the horn wire to monitor for a short or an open, even if "SUPERVISE INT SNDR" and "SUPERVISE EXT SNDR" is turned off. There is very little current and hence should not cause any sounder to activate. If the device does activate, simply put a 1K resistor across the output (or device), preferably at the end of the line to maintain supervision. This will eliminate the problem.
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I measured the VDC and I am showing only about 1 volt for both sounders. (background - not sure this has anything to do with this but  - I recently removed the phone connection to the controller because I cancelled my Bell hardwired landline )
I tried resetting the S1 Reset Outputs even though the led was not lit. - did not fix the problem
I hooked up the Speco SMA-35 speaker to a 9V battery and it worked fine. 
Changed the Dealer PC access to show YES for the SUPERVISE INT SNR but this did not fix the problem
How do I get the correct VDC and does the about Supervise INT /EXT  SNDR need to say YES in the Dealer PC access? Thanks to all that answer.