1. electron

    The not-so-secret PCS UPStart extra feature codes

    Via PCS newsletter (no link, so I'll have to quote):
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    PCS, creators of UPB, considering offering HAI OmniPro repair service, input needed!

    So this little bombshell dropped in my mailbox today. I quickly checked with Marshall, @mlester on the forums, and he confirmed the email. I highly recommend you post in this thread if you have any investment in the HAI ecosystem, and/or have detailed knowledge about this hardware. I removed...
  3. electron

    SAI Replacement strategy for SAI hardware with PulseWorx

    PCS posted some documentation focusing on how to deal with replacing Simply Automated hardware, and what improvements PCS may offer over the discontinued SAI hardware. https://pcswebstore.com/pages/simply-automated-documentation-downloads
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    PulseWorx UPStart 8.3 build 27 now available

    More release notes:
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    PCS confirms commitment to UPB in HAI environment

    I know there has been some talk about UPB/HAI recently, so I thought I'd share this newsletter PCS just sent out.