1. B

    Does anyone have the Rain8 UPB Setup Software?

    Does anyone have a copy the Rain8 UPB Setup Software they could share? If so, please PM me! Thank you.
  2. electron

    The not-so-secret PCS UPStart extra feature codes

    Via PCS newsletter (no link, so I'll have to quote):
  3. electron

    PCS, creators of UPB, considering offering HAI OmniPro repair service, input needed!

    So this little bombshell dropped in my mailbox today. I quickly checked with Marshall, @mlester on the forums, and he confirmed the email. I highly recommend you post in this thread if you have any investment in the HAI ecosystem, and/or have detailed knowledge about this hardware. I removed...
  4. electron

    SAI Replacement strategy for SAI hardware with PulseWorx

    PCS posted some documentation focusing on how to deal with replacing Simply Automated hardware, and what improvements PCS may offer over the discontinued SAI hardware. https://pcswebstore.com/pages/simply-automated-documentation-downloads
  5. S

    HAI UPB PIM + UPStart connection

    Where can I find the serial cable that talks from PC to HAI UPB PIM? How do you put the HAI UPB PIM into pulse mode? I have an Omni Pro II (3.4) controller that utilizes a HAI UPB PIM for lighting. I am having trouble communicating with the HAI UPB PIM. I can not find a HAI/LEVITON 36A05-2...
  6. electron

    PulseWorx UPStart 8.3 build 27 now available

    More release notes:
  7. K

    Should I jump ship on UPB?

    Hi, I wanted to get some feedback on repair/future planning. Like many I have an Leviton/HAI Omni IIe alarm panel with a few UPB switches. I installed this with great success integrating most of the house about 13-15 years ago but now things have changed so the usefulness is not what it was. We...
  8. J

    HAI Phase Coupler failure?

    Is it common for an HAI phase coupler to fail? I have over 30 HAI devices (mostly HAI switches, but a few SAI outlets and buttons) and OmniPro with one phase coupler. It has been running fine for many years. Over the last year I have been having comm issues. The HAI Omni PIM seems to have...
  9. C

    High Frequency Hum/Buzz from HAI &SA UPB Light Switches

    Hey friends, I've got over 50 HAI 35A00-1 Dimmer Switches that have developed an annoying hum at night. Oddly it doesn't happen all the time, but when it does you can hear this study high-frequency hum/buzz coming out of the switches. Definitely audible enough that you can hear it across the...
  10. O

    How to turn off LED on HAI 35A00-1 switch?

    I've read that the blue LED indicator on the HAI switches can be configured or turned off. We have two in our bedroom that I'd really like to turn off. In PCAccess I've tried the command to "LED Off". Can't get it to work. Any ideas what I may be missing? It asks for a "LED number" of 1-8...
  11. T

    Upstart connection issues

    Hello All, I have purchased home that has an Omni Pro II system with HAI switches and all we were handed was the owners manual and tech support line that is no longer in service. The last owners did not know any of details on the system and the room names on the wall panels are from the...
  12. electron

    PCS confirms commitment to UPB in HAI environment

    I know there has been some talk about UPB/HAI recently, so I thought I'd share this newsletter PCS just sent out.
  13. electron

    VoiceUPB Bridge

    According to the latest PCS newsletter, the company behind VoiceUPB Bridge is looking for beta testers for the latest version of their product. Happy to see development is still ongoing!
  14. R

    State of the UPB market?

    What is the current state of the UPB market? Is continued supply of additional components likely, or is it endangered? I'm not trying to start a flame war, nor dump on any UPB companies, nor ask whether UPB or a different communication mechanism is better. My question is actually quite simple...
  15. C

    Voice UPB

    Has anybody tried the VoiceUPB Bridge [$650] and if so what is the experience so far. I see they are out of stock?
  16. B

    SAI Solar Panel Inverter interference with UPB switches

    Hello there. I have an OmniPro2 and use mostly Simply Automated upb dimmer light switches. One of two solar panel inverters went out and Tesla installed a replacement, using their own brand. Now during the day my upb switches usually don't work. Or if they do work they turn on a light but...
  17. C

    HAI OmniPro II - are my lights using UDP?

    Complete newbie to this thread. When we built our house 10 years ago we had HAI Omnipro II installed and managing certain lights, security, thermostats, and integrated with Russound for multi-room audio. I am trying to now automate more things around the house, and getting the system to latest...