How to turn off LED on HAI 35A00-1 switch?


I've read that the blue LED indicator on the HAI switches can be configured or turned off. We have two in our bedroom that I'd really like to turn off. In PCAccess I've tried the command to "LED Off". Can't get it to work. Any ideas what I may be missing? It asks for a "LED number" of 1-8, tried all of them.

Any help much appreciated.
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With my SA switches and Upstart I go to Options / Status LED Options / Always off and update configuration on switch.
Thanks @pete_c !

What's an SA switch?

I've seen Upstart mentioned here but am not sure exactly what I need to get it going. Any chance you can point me to a guide or summary?
SA is a Simply Automated UPB switch.

Upstart works with any UPB switch so you can make your adjustments there.

You can download Upstart from here ==> Upstart

The UPB Upstart guide is posted on the same web page.

You will need a UPB PIM with a serial cable to USB port to connect to your UPB network.

There you can make adjustments to every UPB switch you have.