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I am having a problem with a new HAI 35a00 switch.  I have about 50 UPB switches.  One died for my outside lighting and a local electrician replaced it.  Needless to say, no one in my area knows anything about UPB or omnipro.  The switch won't control the lights, the lights are on, but won't turn off with the switch.  If I use the air-gap switch at the bottom, they do turn off.  If I press the up on the rocker switch, a magenta flashing occurs.  I have it installed and communicating without a problem in Upstart.  I don't really have any more ideas at this point.  I don't know that much about these things, but self taught PCA and UpStart though this site.  Any ideas are appreciated or if anyone knows reputable or competent dealers in mid-state WI.
Thanks much
Additionally, I don't know if this matters, but I have firmware 1.01 on all the switches that work and the new switch has firmware 1.08.  I don't know if this matters or why more updated firmware would be a problem. 
Hi. Don't worry about firmware. That can't be changed anyway.
So lets start with the basics. You had an electrician replace a switch. But the light never goes off. Didn't the electrician at least try it to make sure the switch turned the light off and on manually at least?  That didn't seem to bring up any warning bells?  Maybe you should get him back to fix it?  What was wrong with your old switch that required replacing? 
Yeah, those are good questions. He did try to get the switch to work, but couldn’t. I guess he had me convinced that I needed to “program” or install it as part of the home automation for it to work fully. He hadn’t even heard of upstart. The switch should work manually even if it isn’t programmed through upstart, right? Could the switch be bad, I guess they had to get it off eBay since they are discontinued. The initial problem was a breaker that kept tripping and a shorted line in the ground and then the switch stopped working, they thought it shorted also or got a surge. I’m inclined to find another switch somewhere and just install that myself to see if that works. I guess I can just use it by turning the air gap on and off, but it’s not really how we want it to work, as I had it setup to turn on at sunset every night and programming like that.
Thank again
Since you can access it in Upstart, I would start there.   In the Upstart tab labeled "Rocker Switch" you can see what the switch is programmed to do when you use the rocker switch.    
If you bought one off of ebay it may already be programmed in a way that disables the rocker switch.
I took apart the switch and the yellow wire isn't attached to anything, just has tape around the end of it - I am assuming this is the problem most likely?  I don't know where to put it, but seems like something an electrician should know.


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No, unfortunately that is just the traveler wire.   It is only used on 3-way switch hookups.  For a normal install it is not used.
There is one type of Simply Automated switch that can be programmed to ignore the rocker on the front, but this 35a00 isn't one of those. In other-words if the switch doesn't work manually as a switch, then something is wrong.  I have no idea if your wiring is good or not, but a switch is pretty basic. It does need a 120v source, but if you had another switch, we can assume its wired correctly.  New Leviton 35A00 switches can be still found. Even Home Depot says they carry them:  https://www.homedepot.com/p/Leviton-600-Watt-HLC-UPB-Dimmer-Switch-White-35A00-1/302827365
Yes, PCS (the company that designed UPB) OEM's the switches for Leviton. PCS switches are the best, but more expensive. Simply Automated makes UPB switches also, but they only license older firmware from PCS. Another company, called WebMountain sells Simply Automated hardware with updated firmware.
So if I were to get a PCS wall switch relay (WS1R-15, I don't need dimming), this would work with Upstart to configure and such?
hurricne said:
So if I were to get a PCS wall switch relay (WS1R-15, I don't need dimming), this would work with Upstart to configure and such?
The latest version of UpStart allows you to configure a PCS devices as HLC.
What was the result of this?   Did you ever get it fixed?   I ask because I have multiple 1.08 and 1.09 switches I have purchased and they all have issues turning on and off with the paddles.   All my 1.04 and earlier have no issues.
Did you "factory reset" them to be sure there is no configuration issues that may be causing you issues. 
I've honestly never had a UPB switch fail to manually work (unless it was wired wrong), I've had a few stop responding to UPB signals, but those were all in service for many many years and still manually worked.