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    NX1448E keypad can't set partition

    In my recent issues with my NX8E panel I discovered that the NX1448E keypads don't have capability to change to other than partition 1 apparently. I have a NX148E keypad and just happened to use it when I added partition 2. On it I can set the partition and also a way to temporarily access...
  2. L

    M1 Navigator Jumper Size

    Hi all, Just wondering if anyone knows the jumper size for J1 on the Navigator keypad? I can't find the one that came with the unit and the one that comes with the m1 board is too big for the keypad. I am thinking it is 2.00mm as the one on the m1 board looks to be the standard 2.54mm but...
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    Omni keypad 33a00-1/33a00-4 led button lights?

    I have 2 Omni Pro II consoles. One labeled HAI and the other labeled Leviton. The HAI labeled panel has buttons that light up with they are pushed and then go off after a period of time. The Leviton labeled panel has buttons that are light up all the time, they never go off. Is there any way...
  4. G

    dsc 1500/1555 keypad question

    I have a bad 1550 keypad and will replace it with one from EBAY. I'm almost embarrassed to ask, but do I just press in on the bottom indentation to release the cover to open the old keypad or do I have to do something else?. I obviously don't want to just yank it out of the wall :)
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    HAI Outdoor keypad 54A00

    I found a source on eBay selling new Essex Electronics K1-34S-HAI keypads which happens to be the HAI 54A00 outdoor keypad. I bought one and hooked it up to an OmniPro 2 and it works great. There are a couple gotchas but easy enough to resolve. The Good... The keypad comes configured for use on...
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    HAI 54A01 Outdoor Access Keypad

    I am hoping that someone may know how to remedy this problem my outdoor keypad is exhibiting. The LED does not change to RED when the OP II is armed. Therefore, it is constantly showing with a GREEN LED. I have not changed any wiring since its installation 16 years ago.   Any ideas as to what I...