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Hello everyone. Yesterday my PC Access Installer version 1.9A quit communicating with my OnQ 1050 panel. Main panel and serial interface board seem to be working. I get a blink on the RCV light on the serial board when I trying to communicate with the board, but no response. PC Access has worked years with no problem. I checked the keypad and the installer code and PC access code are correct. The problem started after a service tech installed a new 4G cellular transmitter to replace my old 3G transmitter


hi Dave, I moved your thread to the HAI forum, since this is basically an Omni Pro unit, and it may get more attention.

Can you disconnect the new hardware and see if PC Access behaves any differently? Do you know if firmware was updated as part of this job?
Thank you for moving my inquiry to the HAI Forum. I temporarily disconnected the new cellular transmitter and still could not communicate with the panel. No firmware changes were made during the installation of the new 4G transmitter. The installer code and PC Access code are correct when checking from the keypad. The PC Access option is set to YES when checking from the keypad. I have not changed any modem or serial communication settings. Are there any other PC Access to HMS 105 panel setting that he might have accidentally changed that I should check?

Hopefully some of the other HAI experts on here will have some suggestions, as HAI is outside my wheelhouse :(
I could use some more details... How does the cellular transmitter connect to the 1050? On the phone connection? Have you powered down the system and disconnected the battery to do a cold restart? Its possible the serial expansion is bad....
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You could maybe connect to the OnQ panel via a serial link and see if you can read the panel configuration.
As mentioned above by @dwalt it could be that the serial board is bad.

How did original PC access connect to the panel? Via serial or Ethernet Port?