3d printing

  1. electron

    Youtube DIY Zigbee Rain Gauge for Home Assistant (and other applications)

    Rain gauges aren't anything new or high-tech, but this video does a great job showing how you can build your own using a 3D printed model, and use a ZigBee sensor to relay this data to Home Assistant. But the concept is so simple, you could easily use a Z-Wave/X10 DS10A door contact, and the...
  2. D

    Can you 3D print this?

    Hi All, I have one of these and wonder how hard it would be to 3D print a few. The HAI 5.7 touchscreen table mount - 32A12-1. Its on page 36 of the 2007 HAI product catalog. Don't know how easy it is to 3D print a curve like this has.
  3. D

    recessed console mounts

    Is there any interest in 3D printed recessed console mounts? I got someone to make me a sample.. What would folks be willing to pay? Then I can go back to the person who did the work and see if its worthwhile for them... Don