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    HAI ZIM and Zigbee Omnistat

    So I cant seem to get any of the three Omnistat RC2000s to pair with my OmniPro II via a Leviton ZIM. The ZIM has the firmware and radio both updated to 15.07 ( I believe this was the last release by Leviton). I have three locks and a light all working fine with the panel, all enrolled using PC...
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    Omni LTe and Omnistat Help

    I have two Omnistats that seem to work fine but will not communicate with the LTe. I have power cycled stats as well as LTe and reseated stats, to no avail. Any ideas (you may have to dumb down your answer for me. I'm just a homeowner with one of these)?Thank you!!
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    Lightning got all my Omnistats

    A lightning hit last night disabled all three of my Omnistat/2's, two RC-1000s and one RC-2000. The behavior is that they no longer appear to have power: nothing on the displays, no backlight, no response to controls, no date being sent to the OPII, nothing. I verified that all three of the...
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    Moving from HAI OmniStat to Aprilaire 8800 on Elk M1

    Background: 15 years ago we got 9 HAI OmniStat (1st-gen) thermostats, connected to an OmniPro II controller. The OmniPro II has since been replaced by an Elk M1. The thermostats have been slowly dying one by one (failing to turn the heating/cooling on and off correctly) and now that we are down...
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    Thermostat Program Setting/Blinds Control Options?

    Hi folks.  First, big thank you - thru this board am up and running with PC Access and able to program lights, etc.  We inherited this system when we bought the house and it's a huge improvement to be able to actually use the automation.   We have an HAI Omni LTe with 4 Omnistat 2 thermostats. ...