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    Smart Thermostat that can handle load controlling

    I have 3 heat pumps each controlled by a basic Nest Tstat. The Nest allows very basic stuff but is missing some features my old Tstats had (such as vacation mode) and manual over-ride use (manual hold and resume) is clunky. I would like to update to something with advanced features and easier...
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    Zigbee 3.0 and HAI

    Has anyone tried using Zigbee 3.0 devices with the HAI Zim? I've been reading that they should be backwards compatible and support the HA profile. I want to try a few devices but hate buying them if they won't work. I'm looking at things like the Smartthings remote button, water sensor...
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    OmniPro and Kwikset

    I have an omnistat2 that supports zigbee.  I think it is like a repeater as I am hard wired to the omnistat2.     Can the Omnistat2 communicate to a Kwikset zigbee?     Else, what do I need to connect to Kwikset?   Michael
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    Carrier Infinity

    Dont know if this has been covered already, but it looks like Carrier has an automation controller for their INfinty line. I emailed Carrier and told them I was interested in using my M1 to control the HVAC. They sent me an email back and said I need to use Carrier part # SYSTXCCSAMCAT501. They...