1. electron

    INSTEON INSTEON is still alive and kicking

    While researching some details about the SmartHome INSTEON platform, I discovered that it's not dead yet. About a year ago, Ken Fairbanks and his team acquired the assets from SmartLabs, and have turned the lights back on. Ken Fairbanks was involved with INSTEON product development when he...
  2. B

    Links question in Insteon products

    I’m migrating away from Home Control Assistant and moving over to Home Assistant. I have already brought in all the Insteon devices but have yet to create any scenes or integrations within HA. Is there an easy way to factory reset my 60+ Insteon devices and start fresh in HA? The reason I ask is...
  3. L

    The best home automation protocol may rebound.

    Youtube video of Insteon with the new CEO, and Steve Lee making a comeback painting new hope. Insteon rebuilding the technology