Links question in Insteon products


I’m migrating away from Home Control Assistant and moving over to Home Assistant. I have already brought in all the Insteon devices but have yet to create any scenes or integrations within HA. Is there an easy way to factory reset my 60+ Insteon devices and start fresh in HA? The reason I ask is through the years I have gone through multiple hubs and PLMs and from time to time I’m now experiencing lights coming on in groups that shouldn’t be. As Insteon products fail my plan is to replace with Shelly or the like. Thanks for any suggestions.
Typically, with Insteon devices, you power them up with the linking button held in until all the beeping stops. This may take about 20-45 seconds. Don't let go before it all stops and it will not be less than 10 seconds.

If you use a good hub, it can manage all your Insteon scene links from the console. ISY products do this very well and there are many out there as UDI moves up to the polisy and now the eISY hubs. However PLMs are still hard to obtain while the new Insteon company gets up to full production again.