ZWave, Zigbee, Insteon or Thread for HA in 2019?

Here still using X10, UPB, ZWave and Zigbee.

There are no dependencies of said devices on the cloud or internet today which I like.

X10-UPB are power line. They work just fine for me these days.

I would not call powerline technology dead. It is old today but works the same as it did when first introduced.

Insteon today is a hybrid powerline and wireless technology which also works fine today.
I have never been much of a wireless automation user.
I am impressed with what I have read about Lutron. 
First time now looking at new WiFi wireless with a MQTT tweak versus the current crop of cloud connected WiFi switches.
IE: Leviton WiFi switches are managed by the Leviton cloud today. 
It would be nice to migrate whole house lighting to 12VDC and maybe there will be a standard for home lighting to be 12VDC some day in the future.
Years ago at one EHExpo saw (guessing from the EU) a smart fuse panel which connected to a network and had a computer and OS managing power to each circuit which I was impressed with. 
Ugg, just spent 30 minutes typing a response, hit submit and the system had logged me out and my post is gone.
Short post, centrilzed DC wiring in a typlical hose doesn't make sense in most cases. Think voltage drop on higher loads and product availablity. POE lighting looks like its coming along, but IMHO its not ready for residential. You can use switches wired with CAT for DC back to a centalized controller, like a PLC, Loxone, or Centralite, etc.
Do a search for "Lutron sues" and you'll see why they have the upper hand in this market (take the results as you will.) Lutron acquired Ketra Lighting last year. I have a small grandfatthered Ketra install. The lighting is suppior to LiFx and Hue, though Hue has more form factors. The ketra comms have been solid. For grandfather installs, Ketra has a REST API that will integrate with a vast array of controls. However, Lutron disabled the REST API for new install and now require Lutron controls.