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    PC Access Update

    Hi, Just installed my copy of PC Access and tried to update it. Has Leviton shutdown the update link, can’t download board firmware, omnitouch firmware either. Anyone else having the same issue? Thanks, Nick
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    Omnistat 2 and San Diego service provider?

    Greetings, I'm happy to have found this forum. We purchased a home in North East San Diego County last year. The home was built around 2009 and the original owner put an extensive HAI system throughout (4000 sq. ft.). During this time, there have been a number of times I've woken up in the...
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    HAI vs Leviton card readers

    We used lots of HAI 75A00-1 but when Leviton took over and released 75A00-2 we noticed a lot of them didnt work. Then Leviton discontinued the product and we moved on. But, we still have some systems we support and have needed to replace some card readers recently. We dug out some of the -2...
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      Issue Background: Stable HAI OP2 (4.0B) in place for 10+ years with no changes to hardware/software in 2 years.</li> While away on vacation I received Omni Notifier message Freeze Alarm &quot;FREEZE ALARM TRIPPED</li> 5 minutes later I received Omni Notifier message ALARM RESET</li> It's the...
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    OmniPro II - Sudden failure

    Hello all,   My OmniPro II all of a sudden failed at 2.30am this morning.  The control panels were beeping and showing "NO CONTROLLER DATA" and I lost access to the unit on the network.  Powered on/off (removed battery) but the status light appears not to light either.  I looked around and...
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    Leviton Email Notifier

    I am configuring the email notifier board. I am signed up with Leviton Cloud services. However, when i try to log into LCS with the PC Access i get the following error:   Unexpected error: the underlying connection was closed an unexpected error occurred on a send   It seems as though it is an...