touch screen

  1. electron

    Looking for touch screen product/solution suggestions

    My old in-wall Atom-based PC's touchscreen 'finally' stopped working, so now I'm looking for a replacement. Trying to figure out options, and hoping maybe someone has some product suggestions that may meet my requirements. Some of my requirements I'm trying to meet: Power: no battery, or...
  2. S

    5.7E won't boot up completely

    Hi everyone! I have a 5.7e touchscreen that stopped working and now won't complete a reboot. I tried updating the firmware with a usb but it doesn't work. Any advice on next steps or things to try? Thank you!
  3. pete_c

    Levition-HAI Omnitouch Pro Software Leviton News

    Here have been using HAI Omnitouch Pro Windows software on a couple of Windows Embedded tabletop touchscreens for years now.   I only had two licenses for two touchscreens that I purchased many many years ago.   Over the years embedded VLC, Squeezebox player and other software in Homeseer touch...