1. S

    HAI UPB PIM + UPStart connection

    Where can I find the serial cable that talks from PC to HAI UPB PIM? How do you put the HAI UPB PIM into pulse mode? I have an Omni Pro II (3.4) controller that utilizes a HAI UPB PIM for lighting. I am having trouble communicating with the HAI UPB PIM. I can not find a HAI/LEVITON 36A05-2...
  2. D

    USB Power Options

    I just picked up an Aeotech Multi-Sensor 7 to test and am trying to determine the best way to power it via the USB. I would ultimately like to mount it in a ceiling with the optional recessed ceiling mount, and I would like to power it via the USB source. If using batteries, the sensor doesn't...
  3. D

    getting zone resistors other than 1k working with HAI

    I recently stumbled across this article which shows how you can integrate zones with termination resistors higher than 1k. It works for termination resistors >1k to 3.7k. This means Ademco/Honeywell, Elk and others. The article is at: http://kb.homeauto.com/default.asp?id=924&SID=&Lang=1 dwalt
  4. I

    Low voltage wiring boxes

    My home (under construction) will be getting spray foam insulation in a month or so. I want to run some smurf tube conduit in a few exterior walls before the house is insulated. All the low voltage "boxes" I've seen that accept smurf tube adapters are open on the back and sides. My guess is I...
  5. D

    Elk M1XSP - can I use for RP?

    I just bought a used Elk M1XSP. I got it added to the Elk M1, changed the firmware from Uplink back to standard serial expansion. Removed the J5 power jumper. Made a cable. When I try to connect with RP2 I get "incorrect serial number or incorrect remote programming code". Baud rate is 9600...
  6. I

    Calculating low voltage wire size

    I don't trust myself on this, so help is appreciated. This is related to my post about using LED strip lights in my home's crawlspace... LED strip light (24Vdc) uses 5w/ft. To keep it simple, assume a 100' total wiring distance, with 10 one foot LED strips spaced 10 feet apart (so 10 LED strip...
  7. philgrocks

    Elk M1DBH located in guest house (far from M1)?

    Hi Everyone, I'm looking at a new install of the ELK M1 system in a large home and guest house. House: - Locate M1 - Add a M1DBH for the house keypads and a M1XIN for extra zones for the main house Guest House - Add M1DBH for the Guest house keypads and a M1XIN for the zones in the guest...
  8. I

    Question about NC vs NO door sensor

    The GRI RB-02 roller ball sensor can be be bought in a NC configuration, which I always thought was best for entry/exit doors, windows, etc. The problem is that they seem to be in very short supply, e.g., 6 to 7 week lead time. GRI also manufactures a DS-01T roller ball sensor (with wire...
  9. J

    Recommendations for fiber network connection between house and detached garage?

    Have about a 220' run between house and detached garage. Currently CAT6 with surge protectors on each end. Connection has been marginal and I think the problem is the surge protectors. Although they are rated for ethernet I think them combined with the length of the run is just a bit too much...
  10. J

    Advanced EOL/EOLR Hacking

    This thread is for any EE or advanced hobbyists here...   I have a situation where I have some 3.3k EOL installed in nearly impossible to access locations and I want to change to a different panel brand. Most panels are in the 1-2k range.   One option I am considering is the Bosch B Series that...
  11. T

    1K EOL Resistor Replacement for OmniPro

    When we built our home, I hard-wired the security panel with 30-40 zones using 1K EOLR at the end of that zone.  I'm afraid my current Leviton OmniPro is on it's last leg.  Since Leviton has discontinued the OmniPro Panel, I was curious if anyone knew of a security panel that used 1K EOLRs?  I...