2 Grand Central invites


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invite me please.

p.s. I pm'd wayne for one so if I get two I will pass the other on.

FYI - you cannot pass an invite on. Once someone invites you, that's it. Folks should wait until wayne responds to send rustytek an invite.


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Thanks guys for the info. I have PMed Wayne asking him for an invite. I'll wait and see if he has some left before messaging someone else for one. I don't want to waste any invites by asking more than one person at a time. How fun!

Thanks everyone!!


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I got one of Damage's original invites, so now I have a couple to turn around too. Just PM me with your First and Last name and e-mail address.

As noted, you cannot forward or reuse an invite, so please only ask for an invite from 1 person at a time (give a reasonable amount of time for that person to reply back to you too).


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Thanks to IVB I have some invites available.
PM me with your first, last names and email address.
First 6 get invites!


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I'm still waiting to hear back from Wayne about the invite. I'll wait a day before asking someone else for one.

Thanks guys


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sorry for being out of touch yesterday evening. I am now out of invites and have replied to all PM's indicating yes/no.