2 Grand Central invites


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Thanks to CompuGuru I now have GrandCentral!! :p

I have eight invites left. PM me with your firstname, lastname and e-mail address.



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Can someone tell me how the multiple phone limitation works? I would like to get one number in IA so my wife's family can call her for free. probably set the "primary" number to her cell, but would like her to be able to transfer that call to our home number. That is where the rub is as I'd like to have one as well that would have our home number as either primary or secondary......Is this possible?

Ranger Digital

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jay, pm me with first last name and an email and i will send one off to you.

If i dont get it before 10am, i wont get it till sunday morning so bear with me and you WILL get it.


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is it just me, or can you no longer invite folks onto GC?

EDIT: Never mind, found a google blog link that said the invite feature has been pulled.