2-way TCP control of SageTV from CQC, anyone?


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Check it out. Obviously still got major UI issues to deal with, but I can now bidirectionally control SageTV from within CQC! Won't be able to actually select which TV shows from within CQC for a while yet, but a major major step forward! The big difference between this and using the SageTV Webserver is that I can use a single custom-painted UI to turn on the zone speakers, setting up the right inputs, starting up sageTV, adjusting volume. I can have a single screen to display what all the sources are playing, so I can subscribe to whatever stream I want from a given TV. This means that I don't actually need a seperate extender for each TV - i can just have 1 HTPC per concurrent video stream and control that. Given that we don't ever watch more than 2 different video streams, I only need 2 HTPC's running to serve the house.

I also still have to figure out how to display the time correctly, that too shall come.

Thanks to Beelzerob, the developer behind this driver.