Omni Pro 2 and Lightning


Arrrgh!  After much research 2 years ago, decided to go with Omni Pro, new construction, wired everything, installed 120 UPB switches, driveway sensors, mailbox sensor, etc.  Leviton stops making Omni Pro.  Installed 3 Leviton surge protectors for each of my electric panels as well as cable line surge protector.  Programmed everything and all is working perfectly ... for a month.
Bad storm, lightning strike less than 100’ from house, wife witnessed it from porch (and is OK).  Damage assessment from (as best I can surmise) EMF pulse induced by lightning strike:
- fried pool control panel that was hardwired to Ethernet by Cat 6 traveling length of house in attic
- fried Linksys POE switch that was connected to pool Cat cable
- fried 3 Simply Automated UPB switches (actually they work locally but Upstart has comm. problem)
- fried EMX driveway sensor (second one is ok)
- fried 2 buzzers used to “announce” driveway sensor, other 3 are ok.
- Denon receiver video out on one channel only is out (rest of functions are ok)
- won’t know about cameras until switch replaced.
- OmniPro expansion panel output that controlled buzzers is “stuck” in the on state (supplying 12 volts)
- OmniPro main panel Interior and Exterior outputs are “stuck” in the on state too. Remainder of Omni system functioning as before.
i can work around the buzzer output, but the interior and exterior outputs are a problem (although I guess I can program another output there too).
I’ve ordered 10 in-line Ethernet surge protectors, replacing POE switch, replacing Hayward pool panel ($ ouch), working on Denon receiver, replacing driveway sensor.  All warranties exclude lightning damage.

All in all, we were lucky - appliances, TVs all ok, no fried electrical lines - I think the EMF pulse created a spike in the Cat 6 line to the pool and damage seems to be (mostly) concentrated at both ends of this line.
Is there any way to get my OmniPro panel to reset the 2 affected outputs?  Is there anything else I can do to protect my investments (I’m not buying the adage that lightning never strikes the same spot twice).  Lightning rods would probably not have helped.
Thanks in advance for any input!
Lightning damage is frustrating.   When you have an automated home, it is a significant risk.
I am on a hill and have been hit 3 times by lightning.   I have lightning rods, surge protectors on my equipment, and whole house surge protectors on my power panels and still had damage.
Ethernet surge protectors require a good ground.   There is a lot of info online about how to do this, but I was never able to get 100% protection.
I finally changed out the copper wires between my house and garage with fiber and have not had problems with my Omni system since then.   I changed out both the internet and the Omni communication wires.
All of my outdoor sensors are wireless.   However, my sprinkler system got hit and the surge killed all of the electronics on the electrical circuit the sprinkler was on.   The surge was stopped when it hit the surge protector on the breaker panel.
My suggestion is to call Leviton and see if they will fix your panel.   They are not fast, but this is probably the best solution for your panel.
If they wont, then reprogram the outputs as you have suggested.
Put protection on every wire that goes outside your house.   That includes your siren if you have one on the outside of your home.  That could be the reason your outputs got burned.
Thanks for the reply rockinarmadillo!  Just hearing that others have been affected by lightning too is comforting (sorry, misery loves company ).
i hadn’t thought about the lines to my sirens and strobes - everything else is protected.  I agree with the good ground requirement for all of the surge protectors - obviously I’m not going to run half inch braided copper line from individual ground rods to every in-line surge protector that would cover a direct hit.  I figure that some surge protector grounding is better than none and should cover most of the smaller EMP generated voltage spikes.  Our house electrical grounding is tied to the rebar around our entire house which should provide decent dissipation.
Has anyone used Leviton for Omni repairs since they dropped production?  I know they state they are honoring warranties...
Thanks again.